Macbook UI speed - Am I a to normal user?!?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by SchodMC, May 11, 2016.

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Hi there,

    Next week I will receive my rMB m3. I'm exited to start using that machine. It will be a replacement for my MBA 13 i5 2013, that died because of a cup of water. However, meanwhile that MBA works a again, some sort of. The system no more uses the battery, has one USB port that won't work and is extremely throttled. The Intel Power Tool shows, that the system sticks on 0.8 GHz. And it’s some kind of fun to make benchmarks and other tests with that system. I get a Geeckbench 3 Result of 824 (Single-Core) and 1695 (multi core). The octane browser benchmark shows 4164. It definitely losses a lot of it power.

    But with all that, browsing the internet for me is still acceptable and fine (even if everything that needs CPU power needs a little bit longer). The UI, even if a little bit slower at some places, for me still is usable without problems. And compared to that, the rMB will be "much faster", what means I think it will be really fine. Because of this I don't understand some of the discussions here and there about the speed of the MacBook (or the Air, or the rMBP 13 in their threads).

    But maybe I'm just a to normal user. :p Just kidding.

    But seriously: are the people that have a problem because of lags with their MacBook (browsing the internet, using the UI) have some problems with their books? Or did they have higher standards? Are they a little bit sensitive to much for lags? (I know that this also is very personal and subjective, please, I don't want insult somebody with that)

    Or – and maybe here comes the interesting part form a technological point of view - is the current OS X well optimized for the older Macs (like my MBA) that it is still usable while standing short to dead? If so, it will probably mean that further updates will improve the user experience with the rMBs. Maybe...

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    where is it

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    Well when you get it, give us your feedback on the interface!

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