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Jul 18, 2002
Since there's the Apple Watch Ultra, rumors of an iPhone Ultra, and Apple's seemingly general move towards branding their best in a series as "Ultra," what do you guys think a MacBook Ultra would look like? How big is the screen? What chip does it have? What would you like to see in such a product if Apple were to make one?

I envision a MacBook Ultra to have a 17" screen (maybe OLED?) and have even better speakers than the 16" MacBook Pro. It would start with the M-series Max chip (ironically). I don't think Apple could shoehorn an M-series Ultra chip in a laptop. It would overall be the same thickness as the 16" MacBook Pro with the same port selection. It might be made from titanium. Since Apple's rumored to be adding to touch to the Mac in 2025, perhaps its screen will go back 180° or even be a convertible-style screen so artists could use it for drawing with an Apple Pencil.


Jul 4, 2019
Montreal, Canada
Honestly I wouldn't envision a larger MacBook, the 16 in MBP is already quite huge and heavy. I don't know what could be included in a hypothetical MacBook Ultra, an Ultra chip sounds like an obvious choice but I doubt the thermal enveloppe allows it. Something that I think should be implemented in MacBooks is a cellular connectivity option, as it is the case with Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. I think this option should be offered across the lineup, but this is definitely something that an Ultra MacBook should have IMO. OLED screen could be interesting (micro-LED would be better, but we are still many years away from a micro-LED screen of that size at a reasonable price).

Another interesting feature would be FaceID in the notch, DisplayPort 2.1 (will probably coming across the lineup once Thunderbolt 5 is available), and I can dream of Apple commercializing a physical keyboard with individual screens to physically change the layout of the keyboard (they have a patent for this, it would be useful especially for multi language support). But this last one will probably never happen


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Jun 5, 2022
Beefy MacBook 14/16 with every single port. Ethernet, SD, USB C, headphone jack, magsafe, etc. All those 9-in-1 dongles not needed anymore.
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