MacBook Unibody trackpad question


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Dec 23, 2011
I'm looking to buy a unibody MacBook on an ebay-like site. In the photos posted of the item there, I've noticed that the trackpad seemed off-center, the side nearest to the edge of the machine having a somewhat noticeable gap between the actual glass trackpad and the case part of the laptop (image attached). The opposing side of the trackpad, by comparison, seems to be right against the laptop case.

This stood out to me, and I've been wondering if this is within spec, or if it's not and could pose a problem somehow in the future. I have already done a google search, and read a comment on a site about how a crack could in time develop in the trackpad, but I'm not sure if that would apply in this case too, or if the item is actually OK and I'm overreacting.

I want to mention that I have searched several shopping sites for what to buy, and this does seem like my best option in terms of product age, condition, price, the fact that the item has a US keyboard which is what I'm used to, and other factors that are important to me (like the item being a mac :p). So I really am convinced that this product is my best option, however I would like to be sure everything is OK before spending what to me is a significant amount of money.

I should also mention that because this seemed more like a technical question to me, I opted to post this in the Mac Help subforum, rather than in Buying Tips. I have also done a search on this forum, which didn't turn up anything helpful.

I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks!