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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dojopros, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. dojopros macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2007
    Have got a macbook unibody, got this about 6 months ago.I put a blank dvd+r in today and used toast to burn some files to it. finished burning but the disk will not come out, have tried ejecting and it says its not there no more but has not came out, have also restarted and it see's the disk again and can be read but then if you eject it still does not come out, have tried cmd e, eject button, disk utility, any idea's or should i take it to apple to be fixed/swapped out, not sure which they do

  2. dojopros thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2007
    nice one mate, terminal command worked a treat
  3. celticpride678

    Feb 15, 2009
    Boston, MA
    No problem. It is kinda a weird issue in Mac OS X. I have had it happen and others have too, just needs to be fixed.

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