Macbook v MacbookPro v Gateway FX6850

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by zepharus, Apr 10, 2009.

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    I need some help here deciding between 3 Laptops.

    I will preface this by saying that I game almost exclusively from from Gaming Rig (HIGH END - Absolutely TOP shelf Homemade). I would however like to be able to play World of Warcraft from the laptop with reasonable frames (resonable meaning no slide show),but Ill spend 99% of my gaming time on the Desktop.

    The Laptop with be used primarily for email, Webbrowsing, photo management, my iPhone and Porn(mostly web based but some DVD). I have used both OS X and Vista for a while now and to be honest OS X is better, but Vista gets a bad rap at this stage of the software. I prefer Mac but do not hate MS.

    Money is not completely an issue as I know the PC would be less expensive. Given my laid out criteria I would love to hear some honest opionions and why. If I go Mac I will buy refurb and not new. Ill check back in a bit.
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    I really enjoyed the inclusion of porn in there.

    You already have a high-end gaming PC, so to me the Gateway is out. Now it's a question of Macbook vs. Macbook Pro. Both should probably handle WoW without issues; others can back that up for sure. If that's the case, I think it becomes a matter of screen size/quality and portability - since you'll have plenty of power in each to do your tasks.

    Which is more important? The Macbook Pro will give you more screen real estate and quality, whereas you'll gain more in the mobility department with the Macbook.
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    having used all the current gen macbooks/pros you wont be disappointed with any of them from the 13" to the 17"
    ... i say, if you want the most options at your disposal the 15" or 17" would be your best bet. offering a low-end and high-end graphics processor (while the macbook does not have that ability) and upto 8gb of memory in each...that is one thing i'd recommend upgrading ASAP.
    (since you'll notice how smooth and fast the machines will run you will start running multiple apps at once and memory will be eaten fast)

    the macbook is perfectly capable of handling high frame rated games, you'd want to max up the memory to 4GB.

    whats nice about all of them even though the 17 has the best screen resolutions available and the 15 has a decent mid-range they all can support 24" & 30" displays no problem, so thats an added bonus to which ever you choose.

    i think itll be upto personal preference at this point. 15 is a sweet spot and 17 might be abit much if its just gaming.
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