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Macbook vs. Macbook Pro


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Nov 4, 2008
Ok, so I have a mid-2009 15" MBP and it time to lay her down to rest and pickup a new laptop. What should I consider? What am I gaining from a MBP that a MB wouldn't satisfy? Granted it's a home use computer. Pics, videos, internet, yada, yada, yada.

What is recommended?


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Oct 31, 2016
Well, to me, the extra 1 pound that the ntb MBP weighs over the rMB is negligable a (for about the same price) you get and extra port, larger/brighter screen, stronger CPU, better speakers, better camera. To me, the only reason to buy the rMP is if one values portability over everything else. I have the late 2016 ntb MBP and my wife has the 2016 rMB. I have tried hers and the trade off is simply not worth it to me.

Aside: My wife (with the rMB) is only 5 feet tall and 115 lbs and has to take her laptop every where with her as she is a language teacher. So, for her, a person who needs less capability, doesnt use the camea or speakers much, needs little power and is very small in stature....the small form was the guiding principle in her selection. She is very happy with it.
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Jan 23, 2017
Will you use the system with external displays?
Will you use many wired devices?
Will this be your only computer?

The 2017 retina MacBook is fast enough to meet the needs of most average Users--compared to previous generations, it has seen substantial improvements and it does a surprisingly good job with sustained CPU loads. However, it's design favors extreme portability above all else. So if the answer to any of the above is yes, you may want to consider the Pro. I got rid of my 13-inch Pro for a 12-inch MacBook, and I am really happy with that decision. However, my main computer at home is a 15-inch Pro, which is the system I use wired devices with. If I did not have the 15, I probably would not have purchased the retina MacBook.
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Sep 18, 2017
Toronto, Canada
I was having the same dilemma this week but went with the 2017 MacBook, and I don't travel (maybe twice a year). For me the ports I could care less about since I don't need any, and I much prefer the smaller 12" screen, for some reason the 13" looks gigantic.
I went with the 1.3/512, but my computer use is pretty limited anyways so this is more than enough power. Yes... for the same price I know I could have had the Pro with a much faster CPU & GPU, but I just don't like the larger footprint. I drive to work, my computer use is limited to a few hours at night, between my desk and the couch, and at work I repair PC laptops, so this 12" suits me well :)

So, I'll put a vote in for the 12". If you watch some youtube video's and reviews you'll be amazed what this little machine can get done.


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Sep 16, 2013
I too was thinking about the Macbook 2017 maxed out to i7 and 16GB RAM.

But Im having 2nd thoughts...the rMBP nTB 13" with i5 and 16GB RAM feels like a purchase that will
be technically superior and relevant for many more years. And the price is not too far from the macbook, maybe even the same.

The MBP's strongest suit seems to be extreme portability...but I cant help thinking it's still work in progress product that hasn't reached full maturity.


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Oct 2, 2010
One word, FAN.

I had MB and the lack of a fan made it slow down as the CPU heated up. Purchased 13” MBPTB and huge difference.

If you can afford Pro buy it.
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Nov 30, 2016
So many different opnions.
Apple sure has options but they make decisions tough.
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