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    I've always had MBP's, last one was in 2011 I think. I'm considering the new MacBook 2015/2016, it will be used for word/pages, power points, office stuff research for school etc. Also some light photo editing, nothing crazy. Not really using for games, I have an iMac 5k that can run Windows for that.

    My question is, will I miss performance with the MacBook vs a current MBP? A friend of mine had the 2015 base model I think and he said it was pretty slow. One think I really like about is how light/thin it is and actually like the new keyboard (tested it in the Apple Store once). 2015 is 899 at Best Buy with the student coupon, 2016 is 1199 (rose gold would be nice) and the MBP 1499. I'm not too concerned with whole ports thing, I don't remember the last time I used USB drives or a mouse, especially with MacBook trackpads.
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    Give you an idea of how fast the rMB 2015/2016 are for sustained operations.

    How much you'll miss the performance all depends on what you plan to use it for. rMB excels most on bursty tasks like opening webpages, office doc, etc. It's faster than any MBA and on par with current rMBP i5 models. However, it starts slowing down if something takes longer than a few minutes as it gets hot due to no fans. Any 2013 or later i7 mac will be faster than a rMB because it has double the cpu core. So if you do things video editing that needs power rMB isn't design for it.

    Difference between the 2015/2016 model is about 15%. A 2016 base m3 model will be about as fast as a 2015 m5. There is a $300 difference between the 2015/2016 models. Up to you if that is worth 15% more power & 1hr extra battery.
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    It would appear the rMB is a good fit for both your intended use and concerns, even a 2015 would be fine and the 2016 icing on the cake, both are considerable more current and cheaper than the MBP. Also do not under estimate the amount of use you will get/enjoy by the portability offered with the rMB
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    Exactly what I will be using it for, having said that the m3 should be ok ? I wouldn't get any significant gains in speed with the m5, m7 for these tasks.
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    Yeah I really like the portability factor of it not to mention it's design, thanks for the r commendation, I might go for the 2015 and save some cash.

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