Macbook warranty global?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wombat2k7, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Hey all,
    Going to be in NYC in two weeks and will be taking advantage of the low $ to finally make the switch to either an MB or MBP. The one thing that is a concern though is what happens if I get home to Ireland and find out that my new pride and joy has died? Does the bog standard warranty cover me over here or should I invest in apple care locally? (or for that matter if I go for applecare when I buy it NYC will it cover me in europe?)

    I can't wait to finally grab me a MB or new MBP and from the 5th ave store :jooooooooyeeeeee::p
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    Applecard Warranty

    Who can I talk with to discuss what Applecare will cover and what they won't?
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    AppleCare covers all hardware defects for up to 3 years. So if your logic board dies, you get a new one free. Shipping/Tax is also covered by Apple.

    AppleCare does not cover "I spilled beer on my MBP." or"I dropped my MBP and it wont turn on"

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