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    Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is a chance to get a near new or new MacBook White, the poly version which was made until 2009. I had one before but I threw it out and now I'm getting really sentimental about it. I love that thing and the design, it's a CLASSIC! I have a couple of MacBooks now but I still want that one as a collectors item. Only problem is most used ones I see are badly worn, have hardware issues or both. I guess that's inevitable with use and age. My question is, is there anywhere I haven't looked which maybe has "collectors" MacBook Whites?
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    On ebay you can probably get a used one in decent condition. Another option is getting one that has cosmetic problems then replacing the case yourself.
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    I've used these machines in the past and I actually do buy them often (and sell them after fixing them up - don't ask).

    However, I came across a black MacBook with the bad topcase and bad battery but with charger, original box, cd's packaging material.
    I bought it (it was around 50 eu for late 2007 model) and put on a new topcase, new bezel (screen bezel) and a new battery. Then, I inserted an SSD and 4GB's of RAM.

    I now have it stored away for collections purposes. It's in brand new condition now since it was rather scratchless for the most part!

    I have around 10 of these topcases lying around so I oftend buy them and replace the top case. 99.99% out of 100% they look brand new then.


    Things to be aware of with these models:

    - Keyboard malfunction (keys don't work). This is always fixed with a new topcase and happens without liquid damage with these models

    - the casing cracks in the topcase. NO BIG DEAL. replace topcase.

    - as of now, only 2008+ can have their topcases replaced for free.

    - batteries are almost always dead or have little live left in them. Beware of chinese batteries since these tend to 1. look bad 2. don't last to long.

    - chargers can be had for cheap and are always good.

    - 2009 models can have 6GB utilized (800mhz)

    - late 2007-8 models can have 4GB utilized

    -2006 C2D models can have see 4GB but have 3GB utilized

    - Macbook 1,1 (early 2006) is a Core Duo and should be avoided.

    - You can boot a MacBook (2006-2009) without a working topcase with two metal pins under the fan. Nice to test when topcase is not working.

    - All C2D run Lion and the 2009 models run Mountain Lion

    - These MacBooks are build like tanks. They don't die from natural causes. So don't buy stuff like dead, dunno why. Almost always liquid damage.

    - I happen to buy a lot of 'lost' MacBooks and can almost always revive them.

    - Oh, as expected, an SSD really does wonders. Very fast with an SSD!

    Oh, and important:

    - Every topcase works with every MacBook model. BUT the topcase with the media keys (like we know today with sound keys on F10,F11 and F12) is standard on the MacBook 3,1+ or late 2007+. This model also has command written where previously the :apple: was.

    - IF you place a media key topcase on 2006 MacBooks, this works fine and it acts normal. So the media keys work!

    - IF you place a older style topcase with the :apple: on late 2007+ MacBooks this also works, but the F10, F11 and F12 will be assigned functions such as dashboard etc. But the MacBook utilizes every kind of topcase!

    Hope this helps!
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    I sell fully refurbished ones for $300-$550 depending on what specs you want

    PM me if you want to chat

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