MacBook Won't Turn After Removing Top

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by lvick, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. lvick, Feb 13, 2011
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    Feb 8, 2011
    Today I decided to clean my MacBook (early 2008) since it had been a couple years since I cleaned under the top (by cleaning I mean blowing the dust away). I have done this couple times before and having done work experience at a laptop repairer I know how extremely important to make sure everything is place correctly.

    Once done the computer doesn't turn on, I get concerned and check if everything was in place. After numerous times of taking the top of and on (because I have to have the battery in to see if it turns on) it does not turn. Is there anyway the ribbon cable could of been damaged through the process? I am stumped by this because I was extremely careful and now I cannot use my computer, which is a hassle for year 12.

    I do plan to upgrade to MacBook Pro when they update, so I am not panicking. However I wanted to re-sell it on eBay and I'm sure it will devalue it (plus can't wipe my hard-drive). So I do not want to spend money on repairing it, since my budget is tight for a new computer. I do know Apple replace cases that have cracking problems for free, which mine has a minor case of.

    I really want to find a solution to this problem since one month in year 12 without a computer is huge inconvience. I would greatly appreciate some advice.

    (I backed-up my computer last night for the first time in 400+ days, so I don't need to panic from loss of school work *jumps in happiness*)

    Edit: My MacBook use to randomly not recognize the trackpad and keyboard. I would have to turn my computer off and on to fix it. Would this of been a hardware issue or software (I am on latest software)? And removing the top off aggravated it and caused it to stop working?
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    Look through iFixit's teardowns to see where you went wrong. It's probably just a loose connector somewhere if you were careful in the dis/assembly.
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    Feb 8, 2011
    The earliest model I can find that they teardown is the first unibody. I will look for loose connections in the morning. Thanks for the advice.
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    The chances are you have damaged the ribbon cable from the topcase to the logicboard...

    They are pretty fragile since they should not need to move very often. The cable may have pulled out of the topcase connection (under the grey plastic cover) or it may not be pushed into the logicboard connection.

    Should be easy enough to get a new ribbon cable on eBay and replace it.

    Why do you need to have the battery connected to check it ?

    There is no need to refit any of the screws for the topcase either. Just connect up the topcase ribboncable and check before you put it back together again

    Good luck !!

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