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    Jan 18, 2013

    I have a Macbook which I'm pretty sure I got in 2007 but not sure. Ive checked in About this Mac, and it says Model Identifier 1,1. Not sure if that means anything.

    (Intel Core Duo 2GHz, 2GB RAM (was originally 1GB))

    Anyway it's started to run a bit slow lately so I was looking to do a clean install which Ive done before (currently running snow leopard 10.6.8) but my DVD drive has stopped working (it just spits the DVD back out).

    Is it possible to do a clean install with an external DVD drive (USB)? I've checked the instructions I got with my snow leopard disc, but its very brief and doesn't mention anything about it.

    And also, I recall someone telling me before that the max amount of RAM i could upgrade this machine to was 2GB. I'm just wondering why that is, if I were to stick in 4GB would it just not recognise it?
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    your macbook is a 2006,it takes 2gb of ram,and yes you can do a clean install with a external dvd drive i don't see why not but not 100% sure.
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    6 years old and it still pretty much runs like a dream for everything I need it to do (once ive done this clean install)! Probably the best purchase I've ever made

    Ah I never thought about booting from USB! Saves me forking out for an external DVD drive then if it works, I'll check that link out.

    Thanks for the replies guys

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