MacBookAir "broken"???


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Oct 18, 2012
Hi all!

Okay so I need some help in figuring out a not so small issue I'm having with my MBA. It seems to have crashed :S
I wiped it last night after experiencing a bucket load of issues which include, but do not end at: constant low battery warnings (despite overcharging in my opinion), loud fan, disappearing files/apps, Mac Zeebot Cleanerthing pop up, app and drive mounting misbehaviour, hanging screens, lockout (and this one is interesting, the darling decided to choose whether or not I should login with my whole name and password or with just a password or be given the option of guest, smdh!); slow trash emptying, huge amount of files being deleted when I could swear only 3 were in the folder...9000? Etc...

Now I am getting the grey screen of death with the infamous famous empty no smoking sign, spinning wheel and a really bright light.

My question is: where do I go from here? I would like to restore it to factory settings and re-install either mountain lion or lion (which ever is ***more efficient*** for this type of Mac).

Little more information:
- pre-installed lion when bought
- purchased last month
- tried to upgrade to mountain lion prior to all this
- not familiar with "code" and related terminology but willing to do light googling
- my hard drive was journaled and encrypted last night after wipe..not sure if it matters?
- HD was "full" in under a week...I had but 3 recordings and a few PDFs on it. It's supposed to be 59GB big...I can't even fill my 8GB iPod and its got everything from apps to files to music and videos, audio books and recordings on it.
- Ran reboot with black screen and noticed it hangs at "volume image not found" or something.

Anything else you need, let me know :)
Thank you to anyone who responds to this!


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Jun 26, 2012
Virginia, USA

What computer, purchased when? Under warranty? Have AppleCare? What's the year, OS version, processor, memory, and SSD size?

You can't overcharge it, it will not allow that. What is using memory as shown in your Activity Monitor? What is your fan speed? What do you mean by "drive mounting misbehavior?" Do you have "secure empty trash" selected? What do you mean by a "really bright light?"

We need lots more information before folks can chip in with suggestions.

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