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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ronpage28, Jun 20, 2011.

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    May 12, 2011
    Ok so I figured I would post a thread about my issues with my Mac. The reason I want to post this is because of the steps I took to troubleshoot my problem had cost me around 180 dollars. So I figured I could save some people time and possibly money by posting my findings.

    Ok the issue that I encountered first was my Mac stalling/freezing up constantly and forcing me to restart my computer. I believe I restarted the computer 4 times before I encountered my secong issue. Mac stuck on either grey screen with flashing question mark folder or just a blank grey screen when my computer restarted. I tried multiple commands to try to rectify the situation and then I hit the forums.

    One of the first things I read about was to use my Snow leopard restore disc and fix the issue using disc utility. Well Being staioned in Korea I did not have my restore disc so I had to buy another one (Computer was stuck on grey screen at this moment in time). So that was 30 dollars right there.

    So having bought the disc I tried to fix my hard drive. It was at this moment that I had read that I had a bad hard drive. The disc did not fix my hard drive. As a matter of fact my HDD did not even show up in disc utility. So after reading all the posts about a failed HDD i decided to shell out 100 dollars for a new one.

    I proceeded to take out the old HDD and I installed the new one but much to my surprised disc utility once again did not show a hard drive being installed. So I decided I would check my old hard drive through a USB port to see if I could boot my mac that way and low and behold my old hard drive worked through USB.

    So now I am at this point, currently waiting for my order from to come in with a new hard drive cable. Thats 40 dollars by the way with shipping. I am praying its the cable and does not turn out to be my logic board. But I will update this when I get the cable in and successfully boot into my computer.

    So the reason I wrote this was because everywhere I read something pertaining to my situation(Well in some case as close as possible) there was nothing showing every possible problem in one thread. With me being an aircraft mechanic our tech data spells everything out allowing you to take the easiest route first then jump toward more costly/time consuming fixes. Hence this thread! Had I known that a 40 dollar cable could have saved me about 140 dollars I would have done that first. Well I hope this will help someone. If not well I tried! LOL!
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    May 12, 2011
    Just an update. Turns out it was in fact the hard drive cable. So with that knowledge the trouble shooting should start with Disc utility check, then hard drive cable, if that doesnt fix it then hard drive. Lesson learned and I will definately read more into problems with Macs next time around. Either way still love my Mac. Even more so now because I have updated my hard drive when I didnt really need to but whatever I had the extra HDD anyways. Well Thanks for reading. Hope I helped someone.

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