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    hello good mac hybrids....

    after shutting down xp and restarting it i get an error message saying tha my mac partition was not properly unmounted. should i worry about it? how can i make sure my mac partition gets unmounted correctluy when i shutdown? i have been shutting down using the power key on my macbook and so far it's been fine. Actually, it's been fine up until i tried remapping my kkeyboard...?

    Whenever a disk is mounted, MacDrive checks the disk to see if it was properly and politely unmounted the last time it was used.

    If there are signs that it wasn't, MacDrive displays a warning like the example below, so that you will know there is a risk that the disk was corrupted when it was improperly unmounted.

    If MacDrive displays this warning, it does not mean that the disk has been judged to be corrupt; it merely means that there is a significant risk, and that the disk should either be repaired (using Mac OS tools) or reformatted in order to avoid future problems.

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