Macgurushop is a legitimate business!

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  1. emaccrazy macrumors newbie

    Nov 18, 2004
    I found a thread on Mac Rumors saying that Macguru does not exist.
    This is totally false, and find it funny since I have been buying from Mac Guru Shop for many years now.

    Macgurushop is a legitimate organization and Howard Jenkins has been so helpfull over the years.
    I know for sure they have been selling since 1999 because that is the first time I bought from
    them through their Mail order Catalog. If you ask me I think someone has it in for them and
    is trying to ruin their good reputation. I have notified Howard over at Macgurushop about Mac Rumors postings.
    The only time I did have trouble was last year during the Christmas rush when it took over 3 weeks
    before I got my Powerbook, but Macgurushop made it up for me by giving me a $100 credit on my
    next purchase. These guys are the best mac resellers I have come across, I hope people stop
    saying negative things about them.
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