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    Hello, I have a Macintosh 512k. It has a SCSI upgrade. It looks like a knock off of the Dove MacSnap SCSI upgrade card. I have an external drive. Unfortunately, I can't get the computer to recognize it. I have tried all of the system tools that I have. But when I try to locate the drive, I can't find it. I know the drive is working. I connected it to a drive using a SCSI DB-25 to 50 Pin cable. If anyone has any ides on what software to use so that I can recognize the drive that would be great.
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    I finally got it to work. I formatted the external hardrive on my Macintosh Classic using disk tools. The Macintosh 512k, with upgrade card now recognizes the drive.

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    We probably should check where Pin 1 of the SCSI connector on the upgrade PCB actually is. IIRC, the header soldered to the board is NOT keyed, and is a little UN-intuitive. Check around that connector for a white arrow head or large whit dot on the circuit board. The red stripe on the cable should be at THAT end.

    Also, the SCSI bus is internally terminated - so that's good. Are you using a terminator on the external drive (normally required).

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