Macintosh HD not appearing on desktop?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by yungmarco, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Oct 3, 2013

    just got my new rmpr the other day, and have been spending the past couple days setting it up, transferring all my data across, organising stuff etc. but i have noticed that the Macintosh HD icon isn't on my desktop? the box in finder preferences is checked, in fact all of them are, yet nothing is appearing on my desktop.. i even plugged in my external hard drive and even that doesn't show up on my desktop even though that box is checked too, which is strange because when i was using it last night i remember my external hd icon appearing on my desktop when i was using it.. does anyone know what it could be? i have been spending a bit of today with various widgets, desktop applications and it might be because of that who knows, but i have all of the boxes checked, even tried in safe boot but still nothing.

    any help would be appreciated! thank you.

    edit: forgot to add there is nothing wrong with my hard disk i can access it like normal in finder etc. nothing just shows up on my desktop.

    edit2: ok i just copied and pasted an image through finder to desktop but still nothing on there.. it is in desktop in finder but not on my actual desktop so i think i must have an app or something isn't showing them up?

    i've noticed the file is missing in my preferences folder.. when i made a new admin user account desktop was fine, but not on my main one..
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    Try to arrange icon

    Can you try right-clicking on the desktop and select "Sort by > Type". Do let us know if you can see the Macintosh HD.

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