Price Advice Macintosh IIsi, Power Mac 7100/66, Power Mac 8100/100 & monitors

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Maclueless.0, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Aug 10, 2014
    I've been cleaning out my attic and uncovered some vintage computers I stored away many years ago. I looked on Ebay to get an idea of their worth but the prices seem to be all over the place. They have been tested today & they work. I have the keyboards, mice, cables, software & some manuals. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    -Macintosh IIsi (M0360)
    -Power Mac 7100/66 (M2391)
    -Power Mac 8100/100 (M1688)

    -M1030 (own 2)

    StyleWriter (M8000)

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    Very nice! I would consider buying if shipping was out of the question. The IIsi is pretty cool. I almost got one with monitor, keyboard, and mouse, but sadly I wasn't able to. :(
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    From my experience - prices vary hugely and are heavily dependent on condition and configuration. Only the rarer/more sought-after Apple/Mac models have relatively stable values - everything else is more or less a crapshoot. You might get $20-$30 for a solid, working PowerMac OR $200-$300 from the right buyer. Some things that make a difference in price are accelerator boards or other special expansion cards (much rarer and harder to find than the computers themselves), extra memory, certain hard-to-find displays, and complete original packaging.

    Some may disagree but I think ebay prices are quite inflated - though people do pay them. If you are selling locally expect to get considerably less than what ebay will bring.

    Shipping is always a problem with these items. They are heavy!
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    I might be interested in the 8100, if it's still available.
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    Out of curiosity, did the 7100/66 sell, and if so, for how much?

    That is one of the VERY earliest PowerPC systems - and one of the extreme few that can boot System 7.1 - the 7100/80 can only boot 7.5 or higher.

    For reference, when the Power Mac line was first introduced, it was the 6100/60, 7100/66, and 8100/80 - those are the models that can boot System 7.1. They were speed-bumped a few months later to 6100/66, 7100/80, and 8100/100. The speed-bumped models can only boot System 7.5. The Workgroup Server line had similar lineage; plus the WGS 9150, of which there was never a Power Macintosh equivalent.
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