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    Mar 2, 2010
    Has anybody else had any trouble ordering from MacMall?
    I put in an order online at MacMall for a MBP 15" 2.4 i5 last Thursday, called in Friday to find out that my credit card declined, checked my bank account and everything seemed fine so I resubmitted the order. Called again yesterday and was told that the transaction was blocked by my bank. Called my bank and they said everything should be fine, checked the credit card number and expiration date several times with MacMall, still the order would decline. This morning I had them do a conference call with my bank and my bank tells them that they haven't received any signs of a transaction or decline and that the issue was on MacMalls end. MacMall then tells me that they are going to resubmit the order again. A few hours later, after not hearing back from them, I called in to check on the order and there had been another decline. So, I canceled the order and ordered from Amazon with no problems at all. This was such a frustrating process with hours spent on the phone with MacMall customer support.
    Is it just me or has anybody els had problems with ordering from MacMall.
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    The last time I order from them was on December 31st. I ordered to get in on some rebates and discounts that were to expire on that date. After I placed my order they called me to confirm if I was the person with the credit card. The order went through, but it was dated several days into into the next year and not the Dec. 31 needed for the rebates. I complained, and apparently I was not the only one, as they suddenly updated the rebates into the next year, but I did miss out on two others from 3rd party manufacturers who would not honor the rebates due to the date.

    At least its better than the last order from MacZone. Ordered a new mac and a huge 40+ pound CTR monitor. Monitor was shipped inside a large brown cardboard box to cover a forklift hole in the side of the original monitor's box, LOL!
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