MacMall, PowerMac, or else GOOD or BAD BUY

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by deafanimator, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I plan to buy a brand new MacbookPro 15" on Black Friday so i will save some bucks. I am concerned about MacMall or PowerMax if someone had good or worse expernice service, dishonest, and other negative or all postive. Thanks for your feed back so I do not want have a bad day when I buy.:)
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    Dec 17, 2008
    Poor experience with MacMall

    I'd purchased an internal hdd and requested 2-day shipping using UPS. I'm not at home during the day to receive packages, and hence usually go to the pickup location to pick up the package. So I was expecting to pick up the package at my local UPS store.

    However, MacMall decided to ship the item via Fedex 2-day shipping. Now, there is no Fedex pickup location near my place. I had paid Extra to use UPS 2-day instead of Fedex 2-day due to this reason.

    1. How come the option to use UPS was available on the website was available when the fulfillment service provider does not have UPS available as an option, but only ships Fedex?

    2. I called in customer service and had to wait 30 minutes before putting down the phone (this was during early evening). I called back customer service later at night, waited 15 minutes and this time someone did pick up the phone. However, they were not of much help besides saying the item had been shipped 2-day and I should STAY at home to receive the item!

    I'm extremely unhappy with the situation, and the non-ability of the customer service agent to provide any sort of resolution. I'm trying to understand why MacMall is the #1 Apple Superstore? I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years, purchasing multiple computers and other electronics and never had any such issues.

    MacMall should try them out sometime. Maybe use fulfillment as their provider. (I'm not a employee).

    I'll be thinking twice before purchasing again from MacMall or recommending you to any of my friends.

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