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    Just a heads up...
    I purchased a mac from MacMall and selected the Parellels with Windows 7 business option. Before ordering I made sure the description said it was Retail version. (I want to install on bootcamp, but run it in Parelles most of the time and OEM has activation issues with this.)

    Well, a couple days go by and I get a shipment notice, which shows me a shipping manifest, (I have not yet even received the package.) It's Windows 7 OEM. I tell my account manager about the problem and the response is. "no returns on opened software" "sorry for the inconvenience."

    I've attached a picture of the product description from their website. See the picture of the Retail box? See where it says "Retail Box" see where it says "complete package?" That is MacMall for OEM edition.

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    for comparison, on the vmware and bootcamp options, here are the product description clearly stating OEM edition.

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    If it's unopened, you can return it

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