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    A couple of days ago I ordered a MBP 13" and a MBA 13" from MacMall. I have purchased all of my other Apple products from the apple store directly. I bought from MacMall because of their blowout sale and I wasnt charged state tax (saved me over $500 in total).

    Because I needed to act fast and purchase the machines to get the deal I didn't do a lot of research on MacMall. Has anyone else used MacMall to purchase their apple device? And how was your experience?
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    There are several other MacMall-related threads on the Forums page ... if you do a search, you'll find them.

    You'll get what you order; they can sometimes be problematic if you have them add to or modify new product, and getting MacMall to accept a return on an Apple product is difficult at best. They do charge sales tax in several states.

    All that said, I was sorely tempted to pick up the "ultimate" 2010 11" MBA at $849.
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    I have ordered a number of Macs from MacMall and never had a problem. I always ordered pre-configured systems though, and have never had to deal with a return.

    Their prices can't be beat...

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