MacMini 2012 - Windows Install on external SSD

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by mr.thing, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Got a new mid range Mini yesterday and plan to upgrade it with 16gb ram. I want to run it as Windows only computer with option to restore MacOS later when I will sell it ( will probably be with me for 3 years at lest ). Nothing bad with MacOS but it’s just not for me for it’s user interface and I prefer Windows (although I have iPhone and iPad 3). Apple hardware design is good and I would not be able to buy/DIY a similar spec mini-ITX machine for the same money.

    Here is what I’ve done so far:
    1. Created a bootable Windows 7 Pro 64bit USB flash
    2. Downloaded “Windows Support” (Drivers) from Bootcamp Assistant and saved it to exFAT formatted USB flash.

    Here are few questions I would like to clarify:
    1. Can I install Windows on External USB3 bus powered SSD? I have spare 60GB SSD that I used before in my PC for Windows 7. Will just buy a nice enclosure.
    2. To install Windows on MacMini can I just boot from my USB flash with Windows 7 and perform installation as I would do an any other PC?
    3. Will sleep/hibernate work on Windows 7 running from USB3 external SSD?
    4. I found few posts on this forum saying that fan speed is too high under Windows on MacMini and there are no ways to control it. Is it applicable to 2012 MacMini models?
    5. Mini is currently connected to my Dell 24” LCD via MiniDisplay->DisplayPort cable. Will the same work on Windows 7 or should I switch to use HDMI->DVI adapter and connect it via DVI?
    6. Any issues I may face with Windows on Mac mini? Bad drivers, etc…? This is more for those who run it for long time.
    7. If after 3 years I will decide to sell mini (or apple will release new OS I would like to try) would I be able to boot mini in recovery mode and install MacOS on it?


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