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    Hello. After upgrading to OSX 10.5.8, some time ago, I restarted the computer with everything but the keyboard and mouse (wireless). I don't remember why I unplugged my Broadband, that's neither here nor there, I still somehow was able to use the internet. And it was way faster than my own connection. Did some reading, can't figure out what software/hardware I have that allowed me to use someone else's wifi. I plugged it back in, but still wonder about it. I will not use someone else's wifi, I read that it slows their service down and that it connects our computers somehow. I don't want anyone in mine and I imagine they wouldn't want me in theirs. Airport is off. Blue tooth is on so my son can use his iPod touch. Is the Bluetooth being on how this happened? How do I set up my computer so that no one else can use my internet? I just went in to Sharing and Bluetooth was on. I turned it off. But does that mean that my son can't use his iPod touch now? How do I get his device "address" and put it in there so only he can use it? Please forgive my ignorance. If there is direct link for "how to" on this subject, I would be happy with just that. Thanks. One more thing, using anything wireless opens you up to someone being able to access your device...correct?

    Mac mini 10.5.8 just cable modem, nothing special that I'm aware of.

    Really? 32 people viewed my question but not one can offer help? I am on a MAC related website...right?
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    How exactly do you connect to the internet? Do you have a wireless router?

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