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Apr 16, 2002
Seems that our friends at MacNN have caught on to us. This Oct 16th post claims that we are aloof to their inevitable passing by us.

I, for one, check the sats at least 10 times/day. Checking the mac ranks is foremost on my list, since we can really only make a small presence in the top team rankings due to our cycle-anemic macs.

Maybe one of us would be so bold as to join thier forums? They already have a link on their page to us. This position rings of MacCentral in months past.

We are slated to pass them in >1 day. :)

edit: Wow, true to their predictions, I am surprised. They keep some pretty accurate stats and have been following us officially for a while. Seems like attempts at team spirit on their side haven't generated much interest among thier members. A shame, since someone must've gone through some great effort for their site.


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
well, we passed them now..... :D

and they have 265 members! wow.....and a lot of our members don't actually participate....c'mon arent using all that computing power and this could help yourself in 30 never know.

It could help out a loved one, a friend, anybody...a lot of misery can be avoided, but we must understand how things work first....this will help us get there...


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Nov 22, 2001
I dont actually use all the processing power of my computer for folding. I still run SETI as well. However, in the next couple of days I may move the extra power to folding as I have a few other computers I will be installing SETI on.


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Jun 25, 2002
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Everything helps...big or small. It only takes 10 machines finishing a 0.6 p137* or whatever to add 6 points. Yeah, I know, that was a really difficult example. :D

I've got 3 6 point p145--mislabeled 146s calculating right now. Two will finish Sunday night, Monday morning, and the other a day or so afterwards.

It's too bad that their users are more apathetic than our users...u know what I mean. We have several who don't like that it takes speed away from their machines, even if it's speed they might not notice anyway. Oh well!

Thanks to all who help...yeah, I'm nobody but someone who has a dad who can't remember what's going on half the time. I'm hoping that some of this will be able to prevent his situation from becoming more commonplace than it is today.
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