macOS Beta 2 Bug fixes and changes

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    Please post any performances improvements or changes here.
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    Fixed in this release

    About This Mac

    In the Storage Management window, QuickLook may bring up an empty preview.

    Size information for the System and iTunes categories in the sidebar of Storage Management window may be incorrect or show the progress indicator indefinitely.

    Sometimes the numbers in About This Mac storage meter add up to be greater than the volume size.


    On systems with AMD graphics, when using the clone stamp Aperture quits unexpectedly.
    Slo-mo videos play at normal speed.
    Importing Live Photos into iPhoto and Aperture will cause the loss of the video portion of Live Photos.

    Apple Pay

    Starting an Apple Pay for Web session on Mac will result in an empty payment sheet being presented if iPhone doesn’t have a payment card provisioned.

    When billing address is required, the handoff sheet on iPhone requires Touch ID even though Touch ID is not enabled on that iPhone.

    App Store

    App updates and re-download of apps may not work.


    Saving a child record with its parent property set to nil can sometimes fail.

    Developer ID apps that are provisioned for CloudKit will quit unexpectedly when launched outside of Xcode.


    Non-Apple applications will not be able to access AddressBook or Contacts data sourced from server- based accounts. To work around this issue, sign out of iCloud and copy desired contacts into the On My Mac group.


    Some document fonts will not download automatically for Simplified and Traditional Chinese users.

    Find My Mac

    Users are unable to play a sound or locate their Mac after remotely locking or wiping it via Find My iPhone app or on The Mac will show as “Offline” in both Find My iPhone app and


    Users sharing their home directory between macOS 10.12 and OS X 10.11 may get an exception in the OS X 10.11 Finder when opening a window in List view, because their ~/Library/Preferences/ has had unexpected data written to it by the macOS 10.12 Finder.


    Saving optimized images using kCGImageDestinationOptimizeColorForSharing is not available.


    Importing Live Photos into iPhoto and Aperture will cause the loss of the video portion of Live Photos. Slo-mo videos play at normal speed.

    Kernel Debugging

    The Kernel Debug Kit is not included with Seed 1. It is included with Seed 2.

    Keyboard Preferences

    Text replacements may disappear.


    Can't enable/disable accounts from Messages preferences.


    Apps that use UIWebView AND also implement NSURLProtocol subclasses that block threads, will see NSURLSession and NSURLConenction load delays. This issue is specific to Seed 1 and is addressed in Seed 2.


    Deleted folders may reappear after 30 minutes.


    Items in the Last import album, and user generated albums, are not removed following use of the delete command (command + delete as well).

    People are not displayed in the People Album until the app is restarted.
    Faces: A person can lose their name when quitting shortly after naming a person. Video portion of Live Photo not saved when imported from shared album.

    Albums and Shared Sidebar sections are not expanded in new Library.
    Upgrading Photos 1.1 library with named faces shows the People album text 'No People Found Yet’. Faces and Scenes are not processed.


    The Web Content process may exit unexpectedly if shipping method is set to None and Shipping Address is required.

    If your Safari App Extension quits unexpectedly with a DYLD error message stating that the libswiftSafariServices.dylib could not be loaded, do a clean build of the containing app.

    Safari may quit unexpectedly when clicking into the address bar.
    Workaround: Type a URL into the address bar, or wait until browsing history has completed loading.


    Users who select South African English will see the Siri Language setting change back to British English. Users will be unable to set location-based reminders using Siri.

    Instead of seeing additional details when a user clicks on a list item after a Siri search for local businesses and points of interest, nothing will happen.


    New SmartCard support is not available in Mail and Safari.

    Startup Disk Preference Pane

    On OS X 10.10, macOS 10.12 volumes are not visible in the Startup Disk section of System Preferences.

    Notes and Known Issues

    About This Mac

    The Storage tab in About This Mac may not load if a volume has been unmounted.
    The Purgeable and System sizes shown in the Storage tab of About This Mac may be incorrect.

    Watched iTunes movies, TV shows, and podcasts will not be automatically deleted even though Optimize Storage has been turned on.


    Enhancements have been made in usability to AirDrop, with faster and more reliable discovery and transmission between peer devices at distances of up to 20 feet.


    On systems with AMD graphics, the system print dialog appears as a black box.

    Apple File System (APFS)

    You can use the command-line tool 'diskutil' in macOS 10.12 to create an Apple File System (APFS) container on an external hard drive, partition or disk image. APFS volumes in macOS 10.12 are case sensitive, cannot be shared over the network via AFP, do not support Time Machine backups, and cannot be used in conjunction with a Fusion Drive or as a startup volume.

    Apple Pay

    If an Apple Pay for Web PaymentRequest is created with only email or phone needed in requiredShippingAddressFields, and user only enters email or phone in “Enter a new Contact” form, sometimes the Save button is greyed out or Save silently fails.

    Workaround: Enter all fields in “Enter a new contact” form.
    Creating an Apple Pay for Web PaymentRequest with shipping address + contact will bring up the

    payment sheet on iPhone but it will quit unexpectedly.

    Workaround: Avoid using shipping address + contact together in PaymentRequest until this issue is resolved.

    Apple Pay on the web transactions will not complete successfully on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Workaround: Test Apple Pay on the web on other models of Mac or on an iOS device.

    Auto Unlock

    Users may experience no internet connectivity after a successful Auto Unlock, followed by a reboot of their Mac.

    Workaround: Turning WiFi Off-On on Mac will restore internet connectivity.

    After an erase install, it can take minutes for the “Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac” checkbox to show up in Security and Privacy Preferences on your Mac (while your devices are iCloud pairing). This is normal, and does not happen on upgrade installs.

    Back to my Mac

    Back to my Mac cannot be started for some users.

    CFNetwork HTTPProtocol

    The NSMutableURLRequest class requires that the HTTPBodyStream property be an unopened stream. NSURLConnection and NSURLSession now strictly enforce this unopened stream requirement. Affected apps should ensure that any NSInputStream that is provided has not yet been opened.


    Long-lived operations resumed after an application is rebuilt or reinstalled may fail.


    Floating point rendering surfaces with CAOpenGLLayer (kCGLPFAColorFloat) or CAMetalLayer (MTLPixelFormatRGBA16Float) are tagged with a linear colorspace. This is different from 8-bit-per- component rendering surfaces, which are typically gamma-compressed and interpreted as being rendered with the colorspace of the display (such as sRGB or “Display P3” on 2015 iMacs). Developers should set the “colorspace” property of the layer to the CGColorSpace of their working space. See also - [NSWindow colorSpace] and -[NSScreen colorSpace]. For more information please refer to TN2313.


    CoreImage includes a new version of the CIImageProcessor API that supports arbitrary counts of input images. The initial version of the CIImageProcessor API from Developer Preview 1 will be removed.


    EndNote quits unexpectedly when launched.


    Support for portable home directories has been removed. Mobile home directories (network accounts which are cached locally) can still be created, but their home folder will no longer sync with their network home directory.


    If your iCloud storage is full, and you have items that have not yet uploaded to the cloud, you need to force quit and relaunch iBooks in order to proceed with a storage upgrade.

    Input Methods

    Using the Trackpad Handwriting feature for Chinese may not work reliably when using trackpads that do not support Force Touch.

    When using the Pinyin input method to type Chinese, uppercase typing incorrectly produces full-width Latin letters. Additionally, some of the keys may not produce the expected punctuation symbols.

    Workaround: To type uppercase Latin letters correctly, use the Caps Lock key to switch to a Latin input source.


    Systems with FileVault enabled may hang at the login screen after updating.

    Workaround: Hold down the power button for 5 seconds, until your Mac turns off. Use the power button to turn on your Mac.

    Users running Mac OS X 10.7 with FileVault are unable to install macOS 10.12.

    Workaround: Turn off FileVault before installation.

    In some cases upgrades from Mac OS X 10.7 to macOS 10.12 do not complete.

    Workaround: Run installation a second time.

    When using the Install Assistant, the time remaining may indicate “0 minutes remaining” for an extended period of time. Do not force reboot the Mac.


    No artwork is displayed for rented Movies.

    Kernel Debugging

    In order to gather kernel core dumps, you must boot to the recovery partition before attempting to modify the boot-args NVRAM variable, as per TN2118.

    Keychain Access

    Microsoft OneDrive cannot store credentials in Keychain.


    Some text may not be localized to the selected system language. Some languages may have clipped or misaligned layout.

    Logitech Control Center

    Some functionality provided by Logitech Control Center may not behave as expected. Contact the developer for a macOS Sierra compatible version.


    Files attached to a blank email from 3rd-party applications may not be attached. Workaround: Save file then attach to message manually.


    Adding an attachment, deleting, or moving notes may cause Notes to quit unexpectedly.


    NSURLConnection disallows connections that use TLS protocol versions lower than the protocol version specified by an ATS policy via the NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion or NSThirdPartyExceptionMinimumTLSVersion keys.

    Workaround: This is now being enforced as of the WWDC 2016 Seed. Affected apps and services should upgrade web servers to use more modern TLS protocol versions.

    To improve customer privacy, for https:// URLs, NSURLSession and NSURLConnection no longer support RC4 cipher suites during the TLS handshake. Affected apps and services should upgrade web servers to use more modern cipher suites.

    In Console, your app will show -1200 and -98xx errors that did not appear in the previous release (NSURLErrorSecureConnectionFailed and SecureTransport errors, respectively).

    (CFNetwork) HTTP load failed (error code: -1200 [3:-9824])

    (CFNetwork) NSURLConnection finished with error - code -1200

    To determine if a particular URL is affected by this change, on macOS, use nscurl <url>. If loading fails, and nscurl --enable-rc4 <url> succeeds, then the web server only supports RC4 cipher suites and will need to be upgraded.

    Please note that another reason you may see identical errors is because of a change where App Transport Security NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion or NSThirdPartyExceptionMinimumTLSVersion is now being respected for NSURLConnection.

    By default, TLS clients or servers implemented with SecureTransport APIs will not have RC4 ciphersuites enabled. RC4 ciphersuites can be enabled by configuring the SSLContextRef object using either the SSLSetEnabledCiphers() or SSLSetSessionConfig() APIs.


    AES is now a supported encryption type for Kerberized NFS.


    Live Photo does not playback after turning on Live Photo. Search results for people are incorrect.
    Comment badges may not appear in Shared Albums.


    Safari Technology Preview does not yet work on macOS 10.12. Please test website and Safari Extension compatibility using Safari included with macOS 10.12.

    An API to get the state of a content blocker has been expanded to work with other Safari Extensions. SFContentBlockerErrorDomain and SFContentBlockerErrorCode have been removed in seed 2. Developers should use SFErrorDomain and SFErrorCode instead.

    Safari may quit unexpectedly if the Smart Search field is clicked with no History or while History is still loading.

    Workaround: Use Open Location (⌘L) instead of clicking the Smart Search field or wait until History has completed loading.

    Setup Assistant

    iCloud Preferences may appear during Setup Assistant. Workaround: Close / ignore iCloud Preferences.


    Using Siri to search for Photos taken in a specific location has limited support.

    The File Search and System features for Siri on the Mac are not yet supported for Arabic, Hebrew, Finnish, and Malaysian.

    Users will not be able to use Siri to play Podcasts, although they can use Siri to perform an iTunes Store Search for Podcasts.

    Users may encounter errors while sending Messages with Siri using relationships or during contact disambiguation.

    When searching for photos with Siri, users may not see search results in the Photos app after it launches. Responses are not supported in Malaysian.


    New SmartCard support does not unlock iCloud keychain when unlocking screensaver.

    Workaround: User can follow prompts to unlock their keychain, or open Keychain Access to manually unlock.


    To improve security, SMB connections now require signing by default.


    This command-line tool has been removed because it is no longer useful on SSD/Flash-based systems.


    VPN connections using PPTP are insecure and no longer supported in macOS 10.12. A list of secure VPN protocols and authentication methods are available at:


    WebGeolocation now requires a secure (https) website to work on both iOS and macOS to prevent malicious use of location data.


    Xcode 7.3.1 is not compatible with macOS Sierra.
    Workaround: Use Xcode 8.0 beta or later when running on macOS Sierra.


    macOS 10.12 and Server 5.2 include support for the Xsan 5 file system. Xsan 5 is compatible with the Quantum StorNext 5.3 file system. Upgrade and migration to Xsan 5 is not supported in this release.
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    Has this bug been fixed yet?
    (This applies to every app that resides permanently in the dock, not just Screen
  4. blasto2236, Jul 5, 2016
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    There's a separate thread, but my rMBP will not wake from sleep after installing DP2. I reset SMC, NVRAM, no luck. The issue does not occur in Safe Boot, but disabling login items/startup programs does not resolve the issue either. Must be something going wrong with a kernel extension.

    Edited to add: it was a kernel extension! Ran the following prompt in Terminal to identify non-Apple kernel extensions: kextstat | grep -v

    And it showed Duet Display as the culprit. Uninstalled the app, rebooted my Mac. Resolved. Updating my bug report w/ Apple and notifying the folks over at Duet as well.
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    Not sure if posted somewhere else, but under About this Mac, the Storage tab now updates live. No more exiting and opening again to see how much space is saved from emptying the trash, it simply shows up live.
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    So moving to the trash removes the kernel extension?
  8. blasto2236 macrumors 6502a

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    I'm not sure if that will do the trick. I used the uninstaller built in to the app since I saw the option was there. Figured that would (hopefully) remove the kexts as well, and it did. But I didn't try the drag to the trash method so can't speak to it.
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    Got it. Did not realize Duet app had an uninstaller built in. That makes more sense. Thanks.
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    Someone with a 13" rMBP and FileVault enabled, is the startup screen (where you need to input your password after reboot or power on) finally fixed? As in, does it retains the display resolution? Specially when it's 1680x1050?

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