MacOS Mojave is Stealing our analytics/data

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by TBoneMac, Oct 18, 2018.

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    MacOS Mojave has been stealing our analytics data for about a month or two now.
    I don't know if you guys who had been using the beta/developer mojave versions for the past couple months but if you have, did you happen to notice that lately every time there's an update, once your notebook restarts and displays the start-up pop-ups it mentions the whole "Share analytics" stuff that normally shows up when you first got your macbook. Well the issue here is that it FORCES us to "share analytics". The option to turn it off it "greyed out" (can't be clicked). The only way to turn this off is by accepting to share the analytics and then you can log in and turn off the analytics in system preferences.

    My issue is that since you have to agree to share the analytics, as soon as you agree, Apple gets all the information stored in the macbook. So there's no point in turning it off because they already forced you to turn it on (even for just a minute) which means they already got your analytics.

    Apple is forcing us to give out or analytics in other words Apple is stealing our data and claims that they're giving us the option to turn it off but that's not true because every update it resets itself (forcing you to share your analytics again)
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    Where are the terms of use for betas? It stands to reason that they force analytics to be left on.


    8. Consent to Collection and Use of Data.

    8.1 Pre-Release Versions of iOS, tvOS, and macOS. In order to provide, test and help Apple, its partners, and third party developers improve their products and services, and unless you opt out in the pre-release versions of iOS, tvOS, or macOS, as applicable, you acknowledge that Apple and its subsidiaries and agents will be collecting, using, storing, transmitting, processing and analyzing (collectively, “Collecting”) diagnostic, technical, and usage logs and information from your devices or computers that are running pre-release versions of iOS, tvOS, or macOS as part of this Beta Program. This information will be Collected in a form that does not personally identify you and may be Collected from your devices or computer at any time, including when you sync to iTunes or automatically over a secure over-the-air connection. The information that would be Collected includes, but is not limited to, general diagnostic and usage data, various unique device identifiers, various unique system or hardware identifiers, details about hardware and operating system specifications, performance statistics, and data about how you use your devices, computer, system and application software, and peripherals, and, if Location Services is enabled, certain location information. You agree that Apple may share such diagnostic, technical, and usage logs and information with partners and third party developers for purposes of allowing them to improve their products and services that operate on or in connection with Apple-branded products. By installing or using pre-release versions of iOS, tvOS, or macOS on your devices or computers, you acknowledge and agree that Apple and its subsidiaries and agents have your permission to Collect all such information and use it as set forth above.
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    The entire point of the Pre-Release version is so that they can find bugs. If you don't want to share analytics, don't use pre-release.
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    Do... do you even know what a beta is for? It’s in their T&Cs for betas. It’s what you signed up for. That’s the point of a beta. It’s... it’s how it works.

    Why am I even entertaining a response. I can feel my brain numbing as I write this and I’m shaking my head despairingly.
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    just to be extra safe, you should smash your mac to pieces, and then use your iphone or ipad or a library computer to go read apple's beta testing terms.
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    Yup I have noticed it... but this is now in place whether or not you are using a beta...

    I started a thread " Mojave becomes like windobe " a real spy "
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    I actually trust Apple is doing the right thing here given all the stance Tim Cook has made about privacy in recent times. Maybe I'm naive in that I also friend spam emails.

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