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Mar 27, 2002
I've run OSX for just under a year now and just recently gone OSX only!
I have Norton Antivirus for X but have been using NUfor Mac in OS9 (I also use Xoptimize, iClean and MacJanitor - though use the last, less now, as I am hardly ever shutting down).
With new versions of NU and NAV out soon I was wondering how necessary N/Utilities actually is for a healthy OSX Mac? Apparently Unix runs it's own maintenance daily, weekly, monthly and with X, disc fragmentation is minimal. Do I need another piece of expensive software or will Xoptomize, iClean and occasionally MacJanitor be sufficient?


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Aug 14, 2001
Ditto that question...

I'm importing video all day. OS 9 used to need a good scrubbing every month or so. What about X?

What's a OS X user to do for utilities?


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
funny this came up today...

Last night I was bitching about how slow X seemed to be running and how nice it was to be back in 9. After talking about it to AlphaTech...I decided to run Norton SystemWorks on X (from the CD while under 9). I ran Disk Doctor & then Speed Disk on my X partition....took about an hour. DiskDoctor found a bunch of errors & was able to fix them all....Speed Disk was able to defragment it as well. When I started back up into X again...I could tell a huge difference!

Keep in mind this was Norton SystemWorks 1.0 I was using. I know Norton SystemWorks 2.0 is coming out soon enough (it runs native to X) and there's also Drive 10 which is also native to X.

I had pretty much written off any common procedures I normally go through with 9 since X is so different and I just didn't realize I could do the same thing with the same tools... :p


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
cool... Maybe I will have the copy of NSW2 that I ordered earlier this month soon. I went direct so that I wouldn't have to deal with the pesky main in rebates to get the update price. I did that with the last versions I purchased and it is a lot easier. I already have NSW2002 for the peecee, but would like the new version for my Mac (TiBook) before it returns from repairs at Apple.


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Jan 22, 2002
i have NUM for OSX and there is no defrag util that I can find

course Its a 'barrowed' copy (from my dad's biz) though i paid 150% retail for 5.0.....

as to no use for NUM, i have huge uses for it. every time OS X crashes or shuts down incorrectly i get all sorts of btree corruption and it messes up the free block count. basically every time OS X goes down I need to check it. luckily no probs so far but what was found and fixed by NUM, but I'm reluctant to let it run for months before I back up stuff