MacPro 1.1>2.1 pair Xeon X5365 only 6 cores


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Sep 2, 2009
Hello to all.
I changed 5130 to X5365. After the upgrade, my MacPro 1.1> 2.1 sees only 6 cores.
I changed the places of the CPU, dropped PRAM, but that does not help.
If I run only one CPU in the lower processor tray, the work only 2 cores with one and the other CPU.
If I run only one CPU in the top processor tray, the Mac does not start with one and the other CPU.
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I've tried to do all the operations with another couple CPU also SLAED, but the result is the same.
Guys, what could be wrong?
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Dec 7, 2009
Check if there any bent pins in CPU sockets.
Try to mix couples and see if it would change anything.
Matching pair isn't a must in MP.