MacPro 2.66 Graphic Issues!??

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by AppleNewton, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Alright so heres the deal, i'll try to lay it out without getting passed the point.
    My system is a MacPro 2.66 ATI X1900XT (no firmware updates), 3gb of ram, 500gb hdd, bluetooth, wifi, etc...display is a 30" Applecinema Display.
    I purchased my MacPro in Feb 2007 so its barely one year old. uggh!!!

    I was using my mac pro as usual...i was working on some photoshop stuff and browsing in safari. I put my system into sleep mode, like i always do before i goto bed. but i was going to play my ipod however noticed it was not fully charged and was basically dead i went to plug in the ipod cable (ipod wasnt connected) then i press a button to wake my macpro from sleep, then when i heard the fans boot up i noticed my monitor didnt go on, (as i usually turn it off when its alseep,,) i press the button a few times, and nothing. so i was concerned i tried a vga monitor and nothing showed up either, Hard power down. so i reseat the apple display connector to the graphics card.

    so i unplug everything yadda for a few minutes, restart and nothing. so i unplug and replug in everything once its full booted, nothing, so i plug in both monitors the 30" and spare vga 15" it flashes and shows something, however the ACD30 displays color that is completely not it the blues are purples, well atleast the tiger background is(HOWEVER i plug it into my MBP it displays everything fine, so im assuming something corrupted the graphics card or its reading the lower quality 15" display calibration modes?) i thought bizarre id restart....sure enough restart NOTHING On the screens, hard shutdown....again!

    unplug one monitor keep the other in...nothing, restart again...try the other monitor, ive mixed and matched so many different ways itsnuts!!

    so im baffled as to what just happened here?!?!? never had ANY issues with my MacPro, and not with the ATI gfx card.

    the grey screen doesnt show up during boot, nothing whatsoever.

    did me plugging in my ipod before it fully came out of sleep break my gfx card?
    if so, WOW is all i can say!!

    im running 10.4.10 as its been stable for my needs and no need to upgrade to leopard but now im not sure if i want to keep this machine anymore, only 1 year and its already causing so many problems.

    Basically at this point no VIDEO on any monitor i connect to either port of my macpro regardless if i start up or after startup.

    Any advice, is it a graphics card issue specifically or what?

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    Sounds quite similar to what happened to me. I ended up having to replace the ATI X1900 graphics card.
  4. ThirteenXIII macrumors 6502a

    Mar 8, 2008
    If you have bootcamp try WIndows, it might have corrupted something in the OSX side.

    sounds likesomething that happened to me, but im not sure, i have a 2.8 Octo but it might be that whole single monitor doesnt work so i had to have s econd one hookedup trick.
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    Alright....since I do have Bootcamp installed i went for it,

    ive done all the PRAM NVRAM resets, so i tried bootcamp/XP

    i blindly held down the option key and pressed enter and BOOM i got signal.

    from a cold boot i can get into XP, from a cold boot I CANNOT get into OSX.
    so i restarted from XP (good ol XP! lol) into OSX and there we go, now were getting somewhere.

    XP is fine so i can cold boot into XP or restart into it and it works flawlessly.
    So obviously there is a permissions issue or something got corrupted in the OS itself or something.

    so maybe that might give me better results....

    hm thanks again for the input its appreciated greatly.

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    replying to get someones opinion who have had to replace their ATI X1900's before.

    Do these just flat out stop working or could it be a deeper issue such as OS Corruption?

    See mine now works at random times from a cold boot.

    Port 1 and Port 2. sometime si can get port1 to work if i boot up with the display in Port2 and Restart with it plugged into Port1.

    Is this how they die or what? i NEVER had an issue with an ATI card or this one specifically.

    So anyone who may have had to get their X1900 replaced any input as far as how it went or the issue and if the replacement cards were a good option.

  7. jjahshik32 macrumors 603

    Sep 4, 2006
    Make sure you clean the x1900 every month with air compressor so the dust doesnt mess up the fan of the x1900. I remember when I had the x1900 I changed the fan on it and it ran silent and much cooler and I cleaned it with the air compressor every month and ran very efficiently and cool.
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    it never had dust issues ever, always has been clean (ironically one of the only fans to not have dust build up in the heatsink/grill or in the fan casing)

    no dust in the ports either. just random port not working.

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