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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by sbab, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. sbab macrumors member

    Oct 25, 2012
    Bought a cheap sata III card (asmedia $12) and connected it with a SSD, it did wonders to my macpro3,1.
    I realise that the SSD was not operating at its full potential but the result was impressive.
    I'm not a professional video guy, I do a little bit of everything, nothing heavy, I just want to upgrade and take advantage of sata III.
    I read an article about connecting the HDD's to sata III with a mini sas cable from a raid card (unbootable). That was 12 months ago and I recently contacted them to see if things had changed and if bootable cards were available, they didn't know.
    I would like everything to be internal if at all possible.
    What I would like to do is have bootable sata III on the HDD's.
    It doesn't worry me if the card is raid or not.
    Price is a concern but I'm told you pay for what you get!
    Anyone help
  2. sbab thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 25, 2012
    I had hoped for a reply, maybe this time.

    Reading how fast SSD's are I bought one and installed it in the lower optical bay.
    I bought a cheap bootable sataIII card and hooked them up.

    Using the AJA read/write test 4G .
    I tested the OWC 120G SSD with the sataIII card in the pcie slot 2 (x16) the result was about 370mb/s for both read and write.
    Moving the sata card to slot 3 (x4?) the read was 190 and write 160.
    My sata hard drive (Maxtor) was 43 read and 39 write.

    I want to have all the HDD bays bootable with sataIII 6g
    A pcie sataIII card is required one that has mini sas connectors, a cable (1m max) connects the card to the mini sas connectors on the motherboard?? I believe the 4 HDD bays require no other cabling.

    Finding a suitable sat card.
    It must be bootable.
    Have internal and external ports.
    Raid is optional.
    Price is reasonable.

    I have looked at this forum and others and noted what people said was good or not so good. I have taken good heed of what was said. I looked at the Areca 1213-4i and 1880i as well as the Atto H680 and H644. There were other Raid cards but I don't want raid (today). I didn't find any plug & play.

    I selected the H644 as my choice, based on price (no raid) and having int/ext ports however…. I have a question or two about the H644.
    How hard is it to flash the card, does it need it?
    It was made in 2009?
    It says 6Gb/s but I don't see sataIII anywhere.
    Reading the troubleshooting page on the ATTO site it says that the H644 was having compatible issues with the x16 port and they wanted you to use the x4 port until further notice. I can't remember if it was a particular model. Is this fixed?

    Well thats it, hopefully people can comment on my questions of the H644 and put me at ease.
    Tell me if you think it will work or not.

    Many thanks,

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