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    EDIT: Bad title but I could not edit title after posting, I realize this is more a RAID card issue than a graphic card issue

    i work for an audio/visual company and we are converting our 2010 MacPro into a video editing/projection mapping show computer.

    When I was hired, the Mac had a Quadro 4000 installed. Wanting more outputs while still being to use it as a editing machine, we installed a K5000. This gave us four outputs. Wanting to dedicate those four outs for projectors, I kept the Q4000 just for the local monitor. While a bit over kill just for a monitor out, it meant we didn't have buy another card.

    Everything has been running fine until the other day, I turned on the computer and the internal RAID was not showing up. Launching RAID Utility gave a message "waiting for apple RAID card." Disk Utility is not showing any of the drives, I would expect to at least see the drives listed, just not in RAID formation.

    A few thoughts came to mind, power overload, dead card or dead battery.

    As far as power is concerned, everything I've read about dual GPU's in this model Macpro says it shouldn't have a problem. The way the PCIE slots were configured:

    Slot 1 - K5000, max watts is 122, PCI gives 75 and aux gives 75

    Slot 2 - Q4000, max watts is 142, same power in as the K5000

    Slot 3 - black magic deck link mini recorder, est. watts about 10-15

    Slot 4 - Apple RAID Card, 26 watts

    So I should be within limits power wise. This leads me to a dead card or battery.

    Does an Apple RAID Card not work at all with a dead battery?

    Quick way to tell if card is dead?

    EDIT: I have Yosemite installed

    Any help/comments are appreciated! Hope I explained the situation well enough.
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    Apple "Pro RAID Card" is one of the weakest pieces and one to be avoided like the plague personally.


    Battery failure?

    I would hope you have everything backed up (twice) so you really could just yank the card and go with software like SoftRAID 5
    Which does support Yosemite and drives above 2.2TB as well as arrays and partitioning and more.
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    Mar 11, 2015

    thank you, I had seen those threads but none of them talked about the card not working at all; I see no RAID and RAID Utility says "waiting for Apple RAID Card."

    Do you see any problems with the GPU setup, power wise? The two models should be fine working together and have no power issues?
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    Feb 22, 2015
    There have in the past been problems with 2 x Quadro 4000s in the past, "to much VRAM" of all things.

    I defer to those more GPU-aware but I don't see anything - of course if your system works with just the k5000 - that alone is a good troubleshooting step.

    Replacing the RAID battery is another option. I favor ditching he card, rebuilding your array with 4 x 4TB HGST drives - depending what you have, what you use RAID for. You don't want to put the system on it. There are better devices for system now.

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