MacPro 4 Core 2008 DVD Problem - Solved

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by osxhero, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Hello There!

    I've found so many solutions off this forum, I wanted to contribute one myself.

    I have a MacPro 2008 4 Core model that suddenly lost the ability to play a DVD. It would eject the media, but the Eject button would no longer close the drive. When I would bump it in, it would close, spin up the disc, but never recognize it.

    At this point I thought, well, these are cheap, I need some other stuff from Fry's, so I'll pick one up. I bought a new one for $22, installed it, and the same thing. I had to slide the piece of plastic off the DVD drive tray so that it would fit through the MacPro body. Very simple, but something to note.

    Okay, now it looks like software. I repaired permissions (not sure that was necessary), RESTARTED (crucial step here) and pow, the drive worked fine.

    What I realized was that the computer hadn't been restarted in months, and the DVD drive was being used a LOT for watching movies. So there appears to be a bug where the software overtime gets a bit out of place and refuses to work.

    Simply RESTART and you might find it works perfectly.

    Hope that helps someone!


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    You installed a new DVD drive without restarting? So you did this while the computer was on???

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