MacPro doesn't boot since timeMachine restoration

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by fredzy, May 16, 2009.

  1. fredzy macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2009
    Hi everyone !

    I've checked the search forums for such a sad post ... but found nothing usefull
    Here's the damned story :
    I use to work with a unibody macBookPro, but decided to sell it and buy a nehalem macPro

    - I received my brand new macPro 2009 2,66 octo which worked like a charm
    - I though it was a good thing to start with a fresh install and reInstalled all the app i used to work with
    - I tried to launch some afterEffect project but a lot of files were missing
    Therefore, i tried to restore the missing directories from timeMachine, but it didn't seem to recognize the directories
    - I copied n pasted those directories and some images and sounds was still missing (this project isn't well organised)
    - so i booted from the MacOS Install DVD, and launched a full system restoration wich worked pretty well (but lasts hours !)
    - when it was finished, it rebooted, but never pass the grey apple screen :'(

    The only thing i could make is booted it wis the leftMouseClik pushed and it released the DVD .... but never succeed to reach the system

    So i'm quite disapointed as i read that this kind of restoration (a timeMachin sav from a macbookPro to a maPro) worked

    Actually, and for me, it doesn't work at all, and moreover, when the DVD was still in, was read to access to the install system (from which i could reinstall from skratch)

    So now, i'm looking for great advices to make it work

    Please, help :)
  2. SilentPanda Moderator emeritus


    Oct 8, 2002
    The Bamboo Forest
    Try holding down option when booting to see if maybe it will let you select your system disk. Probably won't work but what else are ya gonna do in the meantime?
  3. fredzy thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2009
    I've already tried :(
    the only icon that appear is the MacintoshHD one, which resolve nothing more if i press it

    But i managed to reopen the DVD box and put there the install DVD, wich i can access if i push the C letter when it boots ....

    But the problem is still the same :
    - i don't want to format my hardDrive
    - i want to use the macBookPro timaMachine sav

    I forgot to say that before restauring from my macBookPro sav, i've updated my macPro with the leopard 10.5.7 .. whereas my macBookPro only was 10.5.6
    I'm almost sure the problem is there ... but is there a way to use old leopard timeMachine sav ????

    -> :(

    Dawn timeMachine

  4. SilentPanda Moderator emeritus


    Oct 8, 2002
    The Bamboo Forest
    Restoring your MacBook Pro to your Mac Pro is probably not going to work. They most likely need slightly different configurations.
  5. fredzy thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2009
    Quite surprising from apple to make possible for a user doing actions which don't work

    Both surpising and disaponting

  6. mlankton macrumors newbie


    Mar 30, 2009
    Going from the laptop to the Mac Pro, I wonder if using a backup utility that cloned the hard drive like Super Duper would have fared any better.
  7. fredzy thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2009
    now i've got a permission problem


    Shame on me, i should have used the TM assistant, when i made my backup weeks before ...

    Actually, my afterEffect (and other application) problem was PATH problem, because the home directory wasn't the same

    I've created a new user,deleted the bad one and wanted to copy/paste the data from the macBookPro Time machine sav

    The thing is that i haven't the permission, and the file i want have got a special icon (red circle and a white rectangle inside)

    I tried to do a sudo chown -R on those, but the operation isn't permitted

    I googled this problem and found this paper which explain how to enable the root user (who will be authorized to do such chown)

    BUT, the third step doesn't work, i see no lock icon ... and non "Enable Root User " in the Edit menu

  8. fredzy thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2009

    fed up with playing around with permissions ... I reinstalled everything from scratch and work fine :)

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