MacPro HDD problem...Help!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Paratel, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I have a MacPro 2.66 Quad Core. I was running out of space on my drive so I got a 1TB Western Digital Green drive and transferred all of my iTunes library on to it. My problem is that when I reboot or turn the computer off, the drive does not show up. I have to pull it out, reboot, put it back in and wait for it to recognize it and then it asks me to initialize it. I initialize, then I have to reboot and sometimes it appears and sometimes I have to go through the process again, Any ideas? I have moved it into a different bay with no change. I have also noticed that it takes my Mac forever to reboot when that drive is in and it is faster with it out. Drive going bad?
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    You've tried a different bay, so it sounds like the drive on its way out to me.
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    Yep, you could have a damaged drive or perhaps your partition tables on both drives are less than ideal.

    In both cases a backup is urgently called for.

    Post your MP's answer to a terminal input of "diskutil list" to have a look at the partition table issue and get a backup quickly.

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