MacPro1,1 w/1-7300GT- OSX upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion possible??

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by elvisbubba, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Aug 27, 2012
    Am having to go to Lion to use some new apps, which will not run on my current Snow Leapord OSX 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro 1,1 - 2 x 2.66Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 series ("Woodcrest")

    Most articles, which I read say this is doable and should pose little problem, if any.
    Talked with Apple tech and he confirms my 1,1 is good for Lion 10.7.5.
    However. I'm also reading that I need to have a Intel Core 2 Duo for Lion...but my MacPro 1,1 is a Dual-Core Intel Xeon.

    So, I'm a bit confused.

    If I can upgrade to Lion, this is my situation:

    Am NOT a video/photo/music mixer user, and 95% of usage is lots of spread sheets w/graphs, Word docs, some low-end drafting, and tons of web browsing research.

    My TOTAL storage usage for Snow Leopard OS, all Apps, Docs, Pics, Music is only 65GB, and will not grow by another 5 GB, until I do a machine upgrade in a couple of years, I hope.

    Existing set up:

    -8 GB of ram
    -4 drives:
    ---1 SSD 120g drive (upon which I now have everything; boot,apps, & docs)
    ---1 SSD 120g drive (not yet installed, but 'in hand')
    ---1 internal 500GB drive, as a nightly CC Clone back up for existing boot, apps, & docs SSD
    ---1 bootable external FW 250GB drive, as a nightly CC Clone back, 'back up' for existing boot, apps, & docs SSD

    -2 - 23" HD Cinema displays at 1920x1200 res. running on one Apple Nvidia Geforce 256MB 7300 GTHave 'spare' Apple Nvidia Geforce 256MB 7300 GT installed, but am not running anything on it, because of strage display behavior when using both 7300 GTs

    Desired new setup (I think):

    -1 SSD, running Lion, installed by Apple's $20 online disk image 'upgrade' (From SL) routine (not a 'clean install' of Lion)
    -1 SSD, running Snow Leapord (for Rosetta-dependent apps)
    -On the 500 Gb drive, make three partitions:
    ---One partition for Lion boot B/U.
    ---One partition for Snow Leapord boot B/U. (however, I'm sure about where to locate the Rosetta-dependent apps?)
    ---One partition for apps, docs, etc[/INDENT]
    -Then Back up the three partitions on the 500GB drive with the external FW 250 GB drive. Total about 65GB

    Is there another way I should use the 4 drives?

    Note: Am cloning with the "Delete anything on 'destination' disk', which is not on 'source' disk", option, and do not need old versions of docs.

    Thanks very much for any thoughts you might have on this planned upgrade.
    Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 8 MgRam,1-120G SSD,1-500G,1-Ext250G
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    Jan 26, 2008
    Poznan, Poland
    It's OK, you can upgrade to Lion. This is, however, the last OS X your system will officially support, no go for Mountain Lion (at least not without some heavy trickery and upgraded video cards).
    Clone your current SSD to the new one, name either one "Lion" and upgrade it to Lion, leave the other for your legacy apps, select OS to boot by pressing ALT on chime.

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