Macro hotkey software? ie. pressing 1key to do multiple tasks?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Koobs123, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Seen this being used in gaming and im sure I will use it for other applications but for right now I just want to mess around with it in gaming. ie. starcraft 2

    for example I have to press 1 (id preset that to my command centre) then s to build worker... Id like to be able to press keys that arent used in the game such as the F keys. So pressing F5 would actually press 1,S

    or another example would be another preset id set in the game such as select worker (lets just say 2). then i would have to press "b" for build and "s" for supply depot. that is 3 keystrokes i would need to complete one thing.

    so i would like F8 = 2,b,s

    even sometimes double clicking a preset to put camera on a building or unit would be able to be done with one click so i can have 3 = 3,3 to eliminate those precious seconds in an RTS that one needs. I know for some that don't play starcraft or RTS games this might be confusing but I think I still put my point across.

    I obviously would need the program to work in 3rd party applications.

    They have special gaming keyboards that do this, and some that are actually starcraft specific but I was wondering if i can do this with some sort of software instead. I heard of some scripting software that can even write paragraphs for u with one click but Id rather have a nice software interface

    thanks guys

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