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Apr 12, 2001

MacRumors is pleased to announce the third annual MacRumors Blood Drive, for the month of May 2012. We encourage forum members and site visitors to donate blood or platelets at any hospital or blood donation center in their city. We want to increase the number of life-saving donations by our online community for the benefit of people in their real-world communities. We also ask donors to post photos or stories in our Blood Drive thread. Saving a life is its own reward but accepting recognition as a donor helps spread the message to others. Please join us in showing the spirit of our community by donating blood or platelets this month and letting us know. Details are in the MacRumors 2012 Blood Drive thread.

Most blood drives are specific to a physical organization at a particular location. Ours is online and worldwide. You can help people in your city who are in need of life-saving blood and platelets in less than an hour of your time. If you are eligible to donate blood you can go to a hospital, community center, the Red Cross, or an independent donation center near you. If you are not eligible to donate yourself, please help the Blood Drive by encouraging other people to donate; see the Blood Drive thread for ideas.

Donated blood and platelets are needed every few seconds, all year, not just when calamities occur. They save the lives of people recovering from accidents, undergoing surgery, or struck by illness, including MacRumors forum members who have let us know that their lives were saved by donated blood. There's no gift more precious than the gift of life.

Specific donor eligibility requirements vary by country. For links and general information see our Blood and Platelet Donation Guide. You can also save lives by registering to donate your organs and tissue and by registering to be a bone marrow donor; see our Organ, Tissue, and Bone Marrow Donation Guide.

Apple's health, relief, and charity efforts over the years have included donations for 9/11 workers in 2001, the fundraising Songs for Sudan effort in 2004, (PRODUCT) RED participation since 2006, help for victims of the Haitian earthquake in 2010 and Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, and most recently a $50 million donation to Stanford University hospitals and a charitable donation matching program that are part of Apple's recent emphasis on corporate philanthropy.

Article Link: MacRumors 2012 Blood Drive


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Apr 2, 2008
Such a good cause. I am booked in with my local donation centre and will be attending on the 16 May.

I would urge everyone who can to donate.


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Mar 2, 2008
I always feel left out of these blood drives :(

Lived in too many crazy places. My blood has been blacklisted. T.T

Someone donate an extra couple o' pints for me!


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May 30, 2007
I find this hilarious... I planned to give blood on the way home from work today before I ever knew about this... I told my wife this morning I would be a bit late getting home. :)

Doctor Q

Staff member
Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
One does not simply donate blood without fainting.
Even if you don't think you can donate yourself, you can help the cause by talking to other people about donating. If you get someone else to donate blood, that adds as much to the blood supply as if you had donated yourself. That's why we've asked people to post in the Blood Drive thread to tell us about their recruiting successes. :)


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Mar 1, 2011
I always feel left out of these blood drives :(

Lived in too many crazy places. My blood has been blacklisted. T.T

Someone donate an extra couple o' pints for me!

Ditto. Although in my case, it's just the UK that has polluted my blood. Bad news for the people who got the 2 gallons I'd worked my way up to before they told me not to ever come back.


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May 1, 2012
I've been a fan of this site for years, but just registered today so I could write my first post. Blood and platelet donation is fantastic and If I may add, I strongly suggest registering for the National Bone Marrow Registry - it takes 5 minutes. I registered 5 years ago not giving it too much thought. Fast forward to last month and I was matched up with someone who has leukemia and undergoing chemo. Sometimes you have no idea how you can one day help someone. Keep up the good work, MR.


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Oct 26, 2009
Just donated last month so it's too soon in May, but my last donation had me reaching 16 gallons (128 pints). I've been donating for 38 years.


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Jun 28, 2010
I donated in February... wish I could do it again, but they are going to make me wait until July :(


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Jul 20, 2011
I just did 2 months ago and got some tattoo work done last week. Blacklisted for the next 6 months (or is it a year now?).


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Aug 24, 2005
I can't do this myself (I have a very adverse reaction to needles and blood) but I encourage those who can to do so.

My wife has used such blood in recent years and would not have managed to have life affecting operations without such people's help so I'll simply say this - Thank you.


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May 28, 2002
Mad cows

Can't donate blood because I lived in France at a time when they discovered CJ. Turns out, there's been a few cases in humans in the US and they just recently found a prion-contaminated cow.


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May 1, 2012
Yep me too...its funny, I've been in a male-male monogamous relationship for 2 & 1/2 years yet I still can't...and I'm a doctor!

13 years in a monogomous male-male relationship and I, too, am a pariah.

--Trauma surgeon who gets reminded every time he orders blood for a patient.
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