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Doctor Q

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The Eighth Annual MacRumors Blood Drive runs for the month of May 2017. We ask you to donate blood and platelets this month, register for the bone marrow registry, and/or register as an organ donor. We especially welcome first-time donors. Remember that every donor was once a first-time donor.

Your blood or platelet donation will help other people survive or recover from injury, surgery, or illness. Your registration as a potential bone marrow or organ donor gives you the potential to cure someone of a life-threatening disease or preserve the life of someone who suffers organ failure.

We hope to add many new donations to the results from our seven previous Blood Drives, which have collectively recorded donations of 381 units of blood, platelets, and plasma, as well as new members of organ donor and bone marrow registries. See the MacRumors Blood Drives FAQ for details.

How to participate in the MacRumors Blood Drive:

1. Donate blood or platelets. Register as a bone marrow donor. Register as an organ donor.

Since we're in cyberspace we don't collect blood ourselves. Donate blood or platelets at a donation center in your area. Pick a day when you can spare an hour or two and make an appointment. See the Blood and Platelet Donation FAQ for details and donor centers by country.

To register to be a stem cell or bone marrow donor you typically fill out a form and have your cheek swabbed. Nothing to it! Registering as an organ donor is just as easy. Depending on your country, most of it can be done online by filling out a form. You may be asked to sign a donor card or put a sticker on your driver's license. See the Organ, Tissue, and Bone Marrow Donation page for details and donor programs by country.

Not everyone is eligible to donate blood. There are restrictions on age, weight, donation frequency, health conditions, etc. See the Blood donor eligibility thread for discussions of the donor restrictions on sexually active gay males, which continues to be controversial. If you can't donate blood, you may be able to register as a marrow and organ donor. Please support our drive whether or not you can donate blood yourself.
2. Let us know about it

The reward for donating or registering is personal satisfaction from helping others. But we want to add to your reward by giving you a well-deserved pat on the back.

After you donate, post to tell us about your donation or registration experience. If you donated blood or platelets, tell us how many units and if you're a first-time donor. Tell us if you've just registered as a bone marrow donor or an organ donor. You can post photos too if you want.

We're keeping an Honor Roll to give you public thanks for your generosity, and to encourage others. If you already donated recently, please post to let us know.
3. Spread the word
  • Let others know about the need for these donations. Convince a friend, relative, classmate, or coworker to donate blood. If you do, tell us about it.

  • Edit your forum signature and paste in this line:

    :) I support the MacRumors Blood Drive! :)

  • Download this image, then use it to set your avatar:


Doctor Q

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Staff member
Blood Drive Honor Roll


The following MacRumors users have reported their blood, platelet, or plasma donation in this thread or related threads. Members who have just registered for the bone marrow registry or just have registered as an organ donor are also listed.

Please help us congratulate and thank these forum members for doing their part to help people in need!

  • 7thson: platelet donation (3 units)

  • bunnspecial: platelet donation (3 units)

  • Timelordprime: platelet donation (2 units)

  • displaced: blood donation

  • trimblet: platelet donation (3 units)

  • chaleyer: plasma donation

  • rcappo: blood donation

  • Waughy: blood donation

  • tarkeybear: platelet donation

  • Deathoffleas: blood donation

  • T Coma: platelet donation

  • hallux: blood donation

  • hallux: organ donor registration

  • JamesMike's teammates: 7 blood donations

  • bunnspecial: platelet donation (3 units)

  • AngerDanger: blood donation

  • JamesMike's teammates: 3 blood donations

  • shagberg1: blood donation

  • Wizpod96: platelet donation (3 units)

  • FloatingBones: blood donation

  • wiesel59: blood donation

  • aardwolf: blood donation

  • Timelordprime: platelet donation (2 units)

  • JamesMike's teammates: 4 blood donations

  • 7thson: platelet donation (3 units)

  • Slade Mahoney: blood donation

  • JamesMike's teammates: 4 blood donations

  • bunnspecial: platelet donation (3 units)

  • trimblet: platelet donation (2 units)

  • T Coma: platelet donation (incomplete)

  • LethalOptical: platelet donation

  • Doctor Q: blood donation

  • JamesMike's friends: 3 blood donations

  • jbachandouris: blood donation

  • 7thson: platelet donation (3 units)

  • Phil A.: blood donation

  • bunnspecial: platelet donation (3 units)

  • skinuca: platelet donation (2 units)

  • skinuca: platelet donation (3 units)

  • Timelordprime: platelet donation (2 units)

  • hallux: blood donation

  • G4-power: blood donation

Blood donations: 37 units
Platelet donations: 43 units
plasma: 1 unit
Organ donor registrations: 1

Total units: 81
Total registrations: 1
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May 3, 2014
I realize I am very fortunate to be someone who has never needed to receive blood or blood products. I have always been healthy and have a high platelet count, so as I'm able I donate as often as I can.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, and hope to squeeze in two more before the end of May. The Red Cross allows me to donate platelets once every two weeks(it's possible to donate as often as once a week, but due to several reasons I'm on a two week schedule).

I encourage EVERYONE to get out and donate if you are able. Blood and blood products are always in need, and their short shelf life means that fresh supplies need to keep coming in.


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Jun 28, 2010
Sydney, Oz
Blood Drive Honor Roll

The following MacRumors users have reported their blood, platelet, or plasma donation in this thread or related threads. Members who have just registered for the bone marrow registry or just have registered as an organ donor are also listed.

Please help us congratulate and thank these forum members for doing their part to help people in need!

  • 7thson: platelet donation (3 units)

  • bunnspecial: platelet donation (3 units)

Blood donations: 0 units
Platelet donations: 6 units
plasma: 0 units
Total units: 6
[doublepost=1493675587][/doublepost]This is a great cause. I'm currently sitting in the waiting room at Sydney Town Hall Red Cross Blood Service centre ready for donation #95. Plasma today, but sometimes matched platelets as well. Go team


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Jun 20, 2012
I'll be donating in a few hours here in Oz. They bandage you up here like the pics, so there must be a good reason for it. I'll ask if I remember. Looking forward to the goodies afterwards, choc chip muffin, fruit cake, biscuits, juice (Homer Simpson drool sounds).

For a small sting and only 5 mins or so (for a full blood donation, plasma takes longer) anyone that can, should donate.


macrumors member
Jun 15, 2005
New York City
This is a good reminder. I came off the travel deferred list, finally. Ill get an appointment scheduled this month. I have still not done it since moving to NYC. Maybe i can get in a work trip back to the bay area and it at Stanford. =P
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Apr 25, 2012
I donated whole blood on April 5. They have a drive at work every 2 months so once folks get on the rhythm they can just donate during the drive on-site. This time was in the Red Cross bus, boy is that thing CRAMPED!

I also signed up as an organ donor when I renewed my license so it's officially printed on there.

Never removed the "I support" from last year's...
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Jan 8, 2015

I want to say thank you, on behalf of myself and those who receive transfusions.

I have a blood clotting disorder that has caused me to bleed internally, for the last 20 years. I have recieved over 20 transfusions since I was 12. I would go in throwing up blood, or after it all came out in my stool. So much, that doctors would sometimes be surprised I was still alive.

Every time I'd go in, the blood was there and ready to save my life. Without people like you, I'd be dead. So thank you for helping to save my life, and for when I'll need it again.

THANK YOU, and God bless.


macrumors newbie
May 4, 2017
I've been visiting this site for over a decade this thread caused me to finally join. Donated 3 units of platelets today. My 3rd donation of the year with 2 more scheduled thus far.

Always have a good experience with Hoxworth of Cincinnati.


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