Macrumors appreciation thread Spring 2005


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Feb 1, 2005
Twin Cities Minnesota
I wanted to start this thread to thank the Admin staff for putting up with all of the Traffic, stress, and few new members that seem to do little but complain about the site. I know that the site appears to be busier then ever (in my short time here), and the site itself becomes bogged down at times.

I am sure I am not the only one on here that would be more then happy to help in any way possible to keep the site going strong if the need is there. And I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work, and for putting up with those of us that are more of a PITA then anything else :) . I am waiting on the line for the opportunity to donate to the cause, whenever the time comes, and the need is there I have my Paypal waiting :)

Thanks gang!



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Jan 6, 2004
couldn't have put it better myself Quadra.....

:::claps and cheers::: for the MR staff!!!

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
Northern Virginia
A double Amen on that 840!

I have said it before. MR is like a family. We may never agree on everything, but when times get tough personally - they are there for you. that is what makes MR so special. They don't over moderate.

The mods here realize that some of us have a life besides the Mac computer. It is the human element that is fostered here, i that I plead for the return of contributions.


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Dec 30, 2004
Yes......A good aplaud to the MR staff......good job. ;)
Best forum on the net ;)

Keep it up.. :p


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Jun 6, 2003
Solon, OH
Thanks go to the administrators for keeping the site functional despite the high traffic and "the forum server is too busy at the moment" messages. Although the rumors are the focus of this community, it's the contributions of all the members here that makes this place so great.


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Jul 3, 2004
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What? You mean all internet forums aren't like MacRumors? :rolleyes:

Seriously, this was the first forum group I ever joined. I have had such a wonderful experience here that I tried out a few others, thinking there would be simliar experiences to be had. There really is no place like home. MR is a great forum with cool mods and a ton of nice folks who are there to help you and support you whether your problem is Mac related or not.

Arn, any update on the contributions front?


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Dec 13, 2003
Virginia, USA
This is by far the best forum anywhere. There is a tone of civility that you cant find anywhere else. I'll contribute $$ the first time the administrators ask.


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Jul 17, 2002
Los Angeles
Raven VII said:


MacRumors is the awesomest forum on the net! And don't you tell me any different!

Now how about that Contribution... :D
This forum is one of the reasons I switched. So thanks a bunch...


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Mar 1, 2005
this forum helped me switch and ALWAYS keeps me busy when i am home and have nothing to do. i have found myself surfing MR and no longer playing xbox or watching tv. I applaud everyone that posts on here regularly and i downgrade the fools that complain about traffic and what not. there is high traffic bc people like this forum. i am willing to donate to this site whenever i can. thanks mods for giving me a new hobby! :)


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Feb 1, 2005
Twin Cities Minnesota
There you have it!

Only 16 of of the Thousands of Macrumors fans really appreciate the site :eek: :D .

Any way you look at it, I am glad so many jumped on here to thank the Admin / Moderator gang! I just wished they would open the doors and let us donate, One of those Macrumors T-shirts or Mugs is calling my name. I really want one for the next big apple store release!! :D :eek:


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Oct 20, 2002
We do owe a lot to arn, he is working hard on getting a new server. That should help to eliminate the "Server busy messages."

The mods here are super. Although a real important ingredient to the success of this site is us the contributors and posters.


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Apr 10, 2003
POWERBOOK G5 NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :p

Anyway, Macrumors is a big reason why I switched and never fails to help me waste time. It also has one of the most interesting and intellgient web communities I have encountered.


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Jun 4, 2003
I have to add my sincere thanks and appreciation to the MacRumors staff as well. This is by far the best Forum I have visited, and the members are second to none. From the extremely knowledgeable, to the extremely helpful (often one in the same!), to the simply "interesting" and unique personalities (some people would probably put me in that category... ;)), the community here is second to none in my opinion, and I'm happy to be a member. I'll be keeping an eye on when contributions are back up, and when I'll be able to order me one of those MacRumors mugs - or other MR merchandise that may be available as well! :cool: