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Jun 8, 2007
VoiceOver draws attention to confusing interfaces to search routines

A magnifying glass. Point, refrain from clicking. An on-screen word, "search". A spoken phrase, "search group". Click.

Or, a point and then a click on the icon plus a minuscule, inadvertent movement – not enough to move away from the icon – might produce the following speech:

"Search group. Search forum. Enter your search and hit enter. Search text field. Options group."

– all before the first entry.

And so on. Try it for yourselves; enable VoiceOver, squint heavily and then approach the magnifying glass icon as if you had never before used the MacRumors Forums implementation of a magnifying glass search group options group.

I'm invited to enter a search term. And again: enter. Before the first entry: know that it's a search text field. It's also an options group. Am I to double enter a search term into an options group field? What's a search group options group?

And/or if I click the icon twice, without double-clicking, the routine sounds very different.

I can go ahead check with friends and fellow testers who use Macs and who are registered blind … but without going that far, I'm fairly sure that the current arrangement is not nearly as accessible as it should be.


… I spent two weeks testing without realising the meaning of that cog. I neither needed nor noticed it.

If an accessibility issue affects, for example, VoiceOver: that issue will be noted separately.
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