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Nov 5, 2007
Interesting bundle. I've been thinking about a battery backup. I don't live in a place prone to blackouts, but with climate change happening so fast, I probably need to re-calibrate and not rely as much on, for example, all of prior recorded history. The future looks like it is going to be different.

Side note, at utility scale pricing of $0.35Wdc, a 200W solar panel portion would cost $70. Obviously though that is a very different type of panel and set up and this is designed to work independently of any racking and it comes with wiring and such. It is a great idea to pair a decent size panel with a portable battery. You could basically go low level off grid with this set up. By that I mean keep all your lights and electronics functioning basically for days/weeks maybe even months until something failed between the battery or the solar panel.But this isn't enough power to keep your fridge cold.
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