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    I was one of the ones who was drawn to receive the free MacRumors iPhone 6 Case based on the rumored 4.7" iPhone 6. I received mine in the mail the other day and decided I take some photos and put them up here for everyone as I know some are wondering how it may feel in the hand.

    I've used large screen phones before but never really full time so the first thing I wanted to check out is how it would feel in my hand and how much my hand had to stretch. My hands are sort of small so I wanted to show everyone who may not have large hands and maybe give some people some perspective:

    This is how I normally hold my phone and what is the most comfortable for me. This feels really good in the hand and can move my thumb side to side no problem.

    I can easily access the home button and Touch ID with this position

    This is where it starts to not feel comfortable. My thumb is stretched out as much as it can get and I can't reach the top to bring down notification center. If I try to hold the phone a little further up then the situation changes where I can't reach the home button or Touch ID comfortably. To reach the top I have too maneuver the case a bit to get to it. But it is something I think I could get used to.

    I also would note that this could change with an actual phone in the case and not just a piece of cardboard.

    Here are some photos of the case though:

    The bottom of the case

    Back of the case.

    Overall, the case seems to be good quality. I like how it feels in my hand. I'm excited to see how the real iPhone 6 fits in it. I feel I could use this case on an every day basis once I get used to stretching my thumb out
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    All photos are broken looking at them in tapatalk.
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    Oops, you're right. Thanks. Should be fixed now.
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