Mac's and Windows Server 2008 R2 GPO Push

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    Ok so we've decided to replace the PC's with Mac's for our desktops.

    We have a Windows 2008 R2 server which has policies setup to manage password(complexity, expiration, etc), login message text, and folder redirection for on the PC the Documents, Pics, Music, etc.

    I've read that SL has AD support for things at least the password part.

    I can get the Mac to join the domain no problem but cannot login with Network accounts.

    I downloaded Likewise Open and now can get network accounts no problem, it even auto mounts the share but I'm missing login text and getting the folders remapped to the server.

    I looked at AdmitMac and it wants to redirect the users folders to the user profile on the server however I have folder sync turned on so it does not goto the users profile folders, it goes to a separate share setup.

    Without spending $1,000 to get this 3 computers talking to AD how can this be done?

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    First you MUST do this an Administrator on the local machine!

    Then launch "Directory Utility" in /System/Library/Core Services/Directory Utility. Put a check mark in "Active Directory" then in bottom left of the pane click on the pencil icon. The use the arrow drop-down to expand the window to put in the domain forest credentials and to create mobile logons.

    Plus look in System Preferences->Network pane, the "Advanced" button, WINS tab to add the NetBOIS name, etc.

    Lastly bookmark the page and pay attention to the reader report on the right side of the page.

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