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    Hi, I'm looking for some reasons why schools should have macs. Now I personally know why, but I am looking for some documentation on schools that use macs, why they use macs, and how they are better for children to use in schools then PC's. My mom is the school board president in town and they just built a brand new $20 million middle school. It is nearly finished and they are getting to the point to where they are going to furnish the school. Both my father and I gave her the reasons that they should go with some macs in the school, however I need info on the subject for her to use. I got some information from the apple website but any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Give Apple a call rather than just looking at the website. There are lots of news stories at the moment (Google for Apple Schools in Google News) about how Apple are doing deals with local schools for iBooks etc. They have educational consultants who might have some useful material for your mom, like price comparisons etc

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