Mac's may be updated soon...and MBP question


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Sep 15, 2007
Okay so I went into the Apple store today to try out leopard which is sweet, but I noticed every computer in their had an extra gb of ram installed, same computers, but more ram, MacBook Pro's had 3 gb's, and MacBook's had 2gb, and so on. Maybe they will be updating all the computers soon, and I have heard that the MBP's might be getting an update by MacWorld, and does anyone think that these will be cosmetic changes or just performance changes? Because I am very interested in buying one, because my iBook g4 cannot run leopard and I don't want to buy a computer will be upgraded in 2 months, assistance if possible thanks!


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Apr 4, 2004
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Yes, wait for it. The sort of upgrade yet to be determined, but you said it yourself, you didn't want to buy a computer that will be upgraded soon. So wait.
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