Macs on a Windows SBS 2003 Environment

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    Hi all;

    I am a recent switcher to mac. At home I have been happily using a Mac Mini for all my work related stuff and some WoW Playing. I plan to upgrade soon to a well deserved PowerMac Dual 2.0.

    Currently at work, I have Windows SBS 2003 we have over 20 PC's (laptops and desktops) hooked to it. When my boss asked me what type of PC I wanted for work, I told him to get me a Macmini, because they were cheaper and i knew i could connect it to the domain. I also have been so happy with the one at home where i connect to my other Windows PC that i figured if I could use it at home for work there, I could use it at work.

    I am the IT Manager there... so he got it for me.

    Now... When I go to Go on the Macmini, and I pick connect to server (i have the macmini connected to the workgroup at the office) and I click on the machine I want to connect to (this case the server), it shows a little connect button. When I click connect in the server "office" i get a dialog that asks for my account info, so i type: Administrator and my password, then another dialog pops up and says:

    The current alias for Office (office is the name of the main server) is not working. It gives me then three options: OK, Fix Alias or Delete Alias.

    If I click on OK it does nothing. Fix alias takes me to pick a new alias for Office but the network options are greyed out. Delete Alias lets me delete the alias Office but it gives me an error that i dont have sufficient priviledges.

    I need to be able to see my Server from the mac, be able to access some shared folders on the server and I need to connect my entourage to Exchange.

    Could you give me some insights on what you did to connect to your Windows SBS?? DO you know a good website or book I can read? I really want to learn how to do this properly because my boss is liking how macs work and i know i have the possibility to turn around most of the office into using macs. But if i cannot connect my own Mac to the server i guess it wont happen.

    Hope you can help or put me on the way of a good direction. I really want to learn how to have Macs and Windows co-exist and be productive in a network environment.


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    Entourage can connect to Exchange using WebDAV. Simply point it to your Exchange/DC/SBS server and give it your domain credentials as in:


    For browsing the network, I haven't received any error like you describe. I changed my SMB settings in Directory Access to use a WINS server and never had a problem. Although Active Directory uses DNS, it seems a WINS server helps in most cases.

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