Macs with DSL built in?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by AtHomeBoy_2000, Feb 28, 2006.

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    So this means that instead of plugging a DSL modem into the wall and then running that out over ethernet, you'd plug the phone line into the back of your Mac (just like the 80s)?

    I suppose that it might be useful for desktop machines, but I like using wireless internet just fine. Now, it the Airport Extreme could have the DSL wire run straight to it, that would be cool!
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    I agree. I think there's a better chance that we'll see this integrated with the Airport Extreme. Apple really seems set on wireless making it standard on every model of the iMac, iBook, Macbook Pro and high end Mac mini. The thing I never got is why it's not standard on any Powermac. You would think that paying $2,000 would get you wireless when you can buy a $600 mini with it standard.
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    If it could be added for zero additional cost to the consumer, I'm sure people would like it. But most pro buyers are going to have PowerMacs on ethernet connections - often gigabit. Not many would tend to use the wireless connectivity, or at least not enough for Apple to justify putting it in by default.

    Just my opinion, of course!
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    Yeah, seems to be pretty low value. Of course, the application was five years ago.

    But given that lots of high-speed users are on an intranet or cable modem, only a small share would have a use for this anyway. And since technology keeps developing, I imagine that it will become outmoded.
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    Thats what I do.

    I see wireless as a convenience. Gb ethernet is a better 'Power' solution. Plus, you can forsee the laptops and the consumer desktops being moved around a bit - but have you picked up a Power G5?!


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