MacScan Ripoff w/eSellerate Download Service

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bucharoo1, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Bucharoo1 macrumors member


    Jul 18, 2008
    Anyone else seem put off by the $5 download service fee eSellerate Download Services is charging for otherwise free upgrade downloads.
    Seems out-friggin'-rageous to me.
    I'm seeing eSellerate's name and nose all over the place sticking its money-grubbing hands all over the web, taking money for no value add.
    Anyone else feel this way about these parasites!
    Love to hear about it.
    It must be stopped!

    add: Any suggestions for good MacScan replacement???
  2. Shrink macrumors G3


    Feb 26, 2011
    New England, USA
    I claim no expertise in this area at all, but will parrot back what I have read and been told by them that knows - CLAMXav is supposed to be good for detecting malware on a Mac, with no undesirable side effects.

    If I have misunderstood something and given you dopey information...please accept my apologies in advance.:D

    (Forgive them....for they know not what they do);)

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