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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by maclad, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Nov 5, 2016
    Is this a concern, or a typical Daily Mail scare story:-

    "Mac users are being warned to be vigilant after two separate pieces of malware have emerged from the dark web.

    The tools have been specifically developed to allow would-be hackers to takeover Apple's desktop and laptop machines, and even ransom their data.

    They are currently being given away for free by their creators, who are believed to be professional software engineers.

    "Computer security researchers from Alien Vault and Fortinet have discovered two pieces of malware, MacSpy and MacRansom, which target Apple Mac systems.

    MacSpy allows users to monitor an infected system, capture passwords and other sensitive details through the use of key stroke logging, screenshots and clipboard contents.

    MacRansom works in a similar manner to the WannaCry software that plagued computer systems around the world, including the NHS, last month.

    It encrypts the contents of a user's computer and threatens to delete all of the information it contains, unless a ransom of 0.25 Bitcoins, around £530 ($684), is paid.

    More here:-
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    No, it's nothing new, surprising, or even a likely threat.

    It's described in much less alarming terms right here in MacRumors:

    It seems The Mail would rather report the advertising claims made at the developers's web pages as gospel truth.

    The rest of the story is pretty much, "Yeah, there are people with bad intent out there, don't take your safety for granted."

    The security researchers earn their living reminding the world that it's insecure, and in a world (and web) where everyone is screaming for attention, there are plenty of media outlets willing to pick up that press release and run with it.

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